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  • 1.Create to Innovate Programme Inspire to Achieve

2. Andrew ConsidinePROFESSIONAL MENTORINGSERVICESBetter Results! Business Owners Individuals Organizations Students THROUGH Connecting with their core strengths Helping to Transform their lives Enabling to continually develop their thinking and abilities Discover their true potentialIN SHORTInspire, Motivate and Enable people to do what they love andlove what they do. 3. Andrew Considine CREATE to INNOVEATE PROGRAMME 7 Week Programme 2.5 hrs Each Week.. Discovering How to Get the Results You Want Understanding the power of your mind and how to use iteffectively How successful people think and what they do. Knowing the Strategies / Actions to take to improve yourresults Motivation, clarity and direction ~ Why, What and When Greater selfconfidence and self belief Conflict Resolution Positive Mind Set Productive Change and Outcomes 4. PURPOSE?Are you here onthis planet to do something, or areyou here just forsomething to do? -A Leaders Legacy 5. 1. The power ofYOUR MindHow Thoughts DO BecomeThings 6. ATTITUDEThe greatest discovery of mygeneration is that human beings can alter their lives by alteringtheir attitudes of mind William James (1906) 7. Whatever The Mind Can Conceive And Believe, ItCan AchieveNapoleon Hill 8. Napoleon Hill 9. All achievement, nomatter what may be its nature or itspurpose, must begin with anintense, BURNING DESIRE for somethingDefinite. - Napoleon Hill 10. Imagination ismore importantthan knowledge. -Albert Einstein 11. Its not what you look atthat matters,Its what you see. - Henry David Thoreau 12. a consciousdecision tomake yourideas areality. 13. If You Fail to Plan You Plan To Fail!A person without a plan is like a ship without a courseno place to go, disaster is aprobability. 14. If you know how to reach your Goal then its not a Goal!!! Discover and Know how to AchieveYourOlympus Mons?? 15. ACTIONYou dont haveto be great tostart,but you have tostart to be great.Zig Ziglar 16. There is no substitute forpersistence!It cannot be supplanted by anyother quality. -Napoleon Hill 17. Persistance A Successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown athim. - David Brinkley 18. What We Thank About We Bring About!Its the Appreciation Market!Appreciation Wins!Depreciation Loses! 19. 1. MIND POWER Products of Our Thoughts Exploring Creative Thinking Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve2. DESIRE Starting Point of All AchievementExploring Desire, The difference between a want, wish and aDesire2. IMAGINATION The Workshop of The Mind - Understanding the influence of ideas, motivation, planning and persistence in creating viable business 20. 4. ORGANISED PLANNING / DECISION/ ACTIONDesire into Action The Mastery of Procrastination - Organised Planning - Strategies- Actions needed to creating a successful business/life idea5. PERSISTENCE Sustained Effort Through Faith Acquiring The Skills of Persistence and Diligent effort6. GRATITUDE in COMMUNICATION Key communication principles for business growth7. BRINGING IT TOGETHER Taking it to the Next Level 21. Create to Innovate - Outcomes Upon completion of this programme participants will: Know the strategies to achieving career and business success Understand how innovation and creative thinking are linked tothe way we lead our lives Gain a business advantage by using innovative thinking toimprove the way we do business (improving the HOW). Know how to conceive and recognize a noveltechnological, product or service idea and how to protect it. 22. Create to Innovate - Outcomes And Understand the importance of having a positive mental attitude. How to turn challenging circumstances in to your advantage. Gain effective organizational skills in taking affirmative action.RESULTS! 23. Andrew Considine:Create to InnovateOUTCOMESAfter 7 Weeks You will Be More Focused and Energised Self -Worth and Self Assurance Act with knowledge and confidence Know how to consider different options going forward Handle situations / circumstances more successfully Personal Action plans Be Inspired and Motivated Take Action with determination and beliefRESULTS! 24. Create to Innovate7 Week ProgrammeWhat Past Members Say... 25. Re-Cap 7 Weeks at 2.5 hrs per week discovering the Principles andStrategies for Success. 7 weeks discovering how to improve your results even more Draw from the rich experience and wisdom of Group members. Guidance and Support from Andrew Recommended Text: ~ ~ Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (Inc. with Programme) ~ Prescribed programme literature by Andrew ~ CD Success Through The Power of Your Mind by Andrew Considine 26. Re-Cap Exercises and interaction. A place where negativity does not exist because its not allowed to! Exploration of ideas and insights. Understanding of how to create the life you desire. Opportunity to develop desires into tangible reality 27. Starts: Tuesday 24th AprilM7 Business Park, Naas, Co. Kildare 6.30 9.00pm (HERE!)& Wednesday 25th April Clarion Hotel, Liffey Valley, Dublin6.30 9.00pm (THERE!!) 28. INVESTMENT 3 Options:Option1. Pay in Full by Tuesday 24th April 675Option2. Payment Plan2 x 350(1st & 4thSession)Option3. Pay by Next Tuesday 17th April 550START DATES: Tuesday 24th & Wednesday 25th April 29. Inspire to AchieveSign Up Forms & Course Details Available Further Information Contact AndrewEmail: Ph. 0872182774 30. Andrew ConsidineEmail: Ph. 0872182774Free Subscription for my Success Newsletter and Gems go 31. Sign Up Forms & Course Details Available Further Information Contact AndrewEmail: Ph. 0872182774 32. 1. MINDPURPOSE2. DESIREAuto Suggestion3. IMAGINATIONFaith4. DECISION5. ORGANIZED PLANNING / ACTION6. PERSISTENCE7. GRATITUDE 33. 7 WEEK MASTER MIND GROUPS F INANCES ALEST RADENew FacilitatedBetweenStart CareersNetworkHEALTHMarketIT 34. Andrew ConsidineCREATE to INNOVATEProgramme 35. Andrew ConsidinePROFESSIONAL MENTORINGSERVICES Performance Enhancement Leadership Motivation Greater clarity and direction Better results and know how to Achieve them Grow in confidence and self belief Conflict Resolution Positive Mind Set Change 36. Andrew ConsidinePROFESSIONAL MENTORINGSERVICES OUTCOMES More Focused and Energised Self -Worth and Self Assurance Act with knowledge and confidence Consider different options open to them Handle situations more successfully Personal Action plans Inspired and Motivated Take Action with determination and beliefRESULTS! 37. Andrew ConsidinePROFESSIONAL MENTORINGSERVICESWhatever the Mind CanConceive and Believe it Can Achieve Napoleon Hill THANK YOU! 38. Professional MENTORINGSERVICES MASTERING YOUR MIND Course (7 weeks)By Attending this course you will Discover: Principles for achieving successful results Know how to develop your business and ideas andachieve them Draw from the wisdom and knowledge of successfulpeople How results are determined through the way we think How to nurture your Burning Desires Discover the true power the Imagination and how touse it to attract what you want 39. Personal Life Path discoveries andaspirationsProfessional Service 40. 7weekMASTERING YOUR MIND COURSE F INANCES ALESTRADEANDREW New Start Property UpsC ORP H EALTHIT