Vocal nodules

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this presentation was done in the ENT course 2011-2012.i hope you will get an interesting time with this presentation.

Text of Vocal nodules

  • 1. What are vocal cord nodule ?? Vocal cord nodules are benign(noncancerous) growths on bothvocal cords that are caused byvocal abuse. We can see it in free edge of thevocal fold

2. Over time, repeated abuse of thevocal cords results in soft, swollenspots on each vocal cord. Vocal fold lesions are a commoncause of hoarseness. 3. Predisposing Factors Singers. 4. thyroid disease. Smokers. caffeine use, and/or use ofprescription or over-the-counter(OTC) medications. vocal hygiene. most often observed in womenaged 20-50 years 5. Signs & Symptomshoarsenessbreathinessa "scratchy" voiceharshnessshooting pain from ear to eara "lump in the throat" sensationneck paindecreased pitch rangevoice and body fatigue 6. Diagnosing1- a voice evaluation by a speech-language pathologist (SLP).2- possibly a neurologicalexamination.3- Videostrobo-laryngoscopy 7. Treatment-Keep away from predisposingfactors. ( voice rest ).-Speech therapy.- Surgical intervention . If nodule arevery large or have existed for a longtime. (Microlaryngoscopic removal ) 8. Complications-tongue numbness.- altered taste.-minor trauma to the teeth, oralcavity, and pharynx during rigidlaryngoscopy.- worsened voice quality, bleeding,infection 9. Outcome & prognosis-treatment often results in vocalimprovement.- In 1996, Bastian reported his personalsurgical series of 62 singers who hadundergone microsurgery , Reportedly,all singers within the series were ableto return to a level of public singing atleast equal to that experiencedpreoperatively.