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“Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live” Jim Rohn

Xango-super fruit juice!

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"Doctors Choice" - Nature's magic for optimum Health and Wellness. Are you suffering from one or more of the following?Pain, Viral Infections, Fungal Infections, Bacterial Infections,Tumours, Cancer, Leukaemia,Inflammation,Arthritis, Diabetes, Stroke, Heart Disease, Sclerosis,Allergies,Depression,Alzheimer's & Dementia, Parkinson's Disease, Xango helps to improve: Sexual Performance, Asthma, Blood Clots, High Cholesterol, Menstrual problems, Menopause, Joint Problems, Gum disease, Migraines & Headaches, Carpal Tunnel, Fibromyalgia, HIV…Do you want to improve your love life, endurance and libido? Be more energetic and less restless, no more midday fatigue and headache's or regular killing miggraine's? Xango ONE product, all-in-one help to restoration of health , pure fruit juice from the Queen of Fruits - Mangosteen.

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  • 1. Take care of your body.Its the only place you have to liveJim Rohn

2. The Perfect Timing!The Mangosteen Beverage Category: Top Ten Trends To Watch Your chance to be On Top of theWorld!20 new countries in the next 5 years Ride The Wave! On track to be the fastest-growing Company in History with or withoutyou! 3. What is Wellness?State of Well-Being or Good HealthHealthy Living & enjoying your LifestyleSomething Everybody Wants! 4. Why Wellness is a Growth Market? Baby boomers: Born 1946-64,Over 1 billion childrenworldwideControl 65% of the capitalworldwide 1946-55 baby foodThen - toys, shoes, clothesIn 1957 more schools werebuilt than ever before or after 5. Trends Up To NowBabies Teenagers20304050Trend1950 1960 19701980 19902007BabyFastPC & Anti-Aging Cars Real EstateFoodFoodInternetWellnessEvery 8.3 seconds one person of this generation reach 50 6. The Wellness Industry Wellness market = US$200Billion annually Will increase by 5 times in thenext 8 years Thats US$ 1 Trillion/year!! (Paul Zane Pilzer) 7. World Health Organization Statistics 70% of premature deaths aredue to: Heart disease Cancer Stroke Diabetes 50% of those deaths diet relatedor due to poor nutrition 70% of ALL Doctors visits arediet related or due to poor nutrition 8. Age-Old WisdomLet food be the medicine,not medicine the food HippocratesThe Father of Medicine 460BC 370BC 9. Todays Drug IndustryMassive pharmaceutical cartels are in The Illness IndustryIf we are all well, they have no business!Drug companies make inaccurateclaims about the safety and efficacyof their drugsDoctors are offeredincentives to prescribe & promotedrugsConsumers International Report 26 June 2006 10. Back To NatureTodays Consumer:Is more educatedKnows that drugs have side- effectsThere is a movement in todays consumer world for all things natural 11. In 2002People started to talk about 12. Although a large part of the world have never heardanything yet, the Mangosteen has been used as food andas medicine in Southeast Asia and China for centuries.One of the leaders in research on the mangosteen wasrecentlyrecruited byand is no longer authorized to speak on Mangosteen in their investigations. 13. They use itto 14. Only to talk about some 15. Some even wonderhow a fruit withso much researchbehind it 16. Did you know that aspirin 17. 85% of the Japanesesdrinks GREEN TEA. 18. Green tea has catechins,that promote metabolismhealthy, maintain normalcholesterol levels and helpthe immune system. 19. 20 x morestroger than VITAMIN C 20. But the mangosteen is something more Something EXTRA An amazing thing 21. Xanthones 22. Thats why its called aSuper Fruit 23. Here is a closer view 24. So, how do you get it in your body? 25. WHEN COMBINED WITH A TREND INGROWTH OF NATURAL PRODUCTS BYDESIRE 26. You have a waveMassive Boom! 27. The Past Since 1644AD, in the Chinese Ming Dynasty, the rind has been used to treat many health conditions The mangosteen is the only fruit which sick people are allowed to eat unsparingly; it is given with safety in almost every disorder. May 26, 1885,The Illustrated London News 28. The Past The fame of the fruit spread far & wideQueen Victoria offered a knighthood to anyone who could bring her a mangosteen in good condition Many tried. None succeeded The nature of the fruit made itimpossible to transport over longdistances 29. The Present The Mangosteen About 150 years ago, because of the traditional uses,science began to put the mangosteen under the microscopeAnd, they discovered a totally new class of phytoceuticals Chemical compounds we now know as XANTHONES 30. The Present - Xanthones Not vitamins. Not minerals Vigorous family of nextgenerationphytonutrients. Natures most powerful anti-oxidant Sending shock waves throughoutthe scientific community Potent nutritional properties Incredible ability to act as:An anti-oxidantAn immune boosterAnd more 31. The Present - Xanthones Maintain intestinal health Strengthen the immune system Neturalise free radicals Support cartilage, joint function & flexibility Fight muscle pain Promote a healthy respiratory system Maintain cell integrity 32. The Present - Xanthones 110 independent studies published intouching on every system in the body Some of the worlds most influentialscientific journals: For Example: Biochemical Pharmacology Free Radical Research Journal of Pharmacology Journal of Enzyme Inhibition Planta Medica 33. The Present The MangosteenXanthones show considerablebiological activity. It is surprisingthat none of them have anestablished use in medicine.Phytochemical Dictionary,Taylor and Frost 1983 34. The Present The MangosteenThe worlds most seductive fruitGourmet MagazineI am now convinced that mangosteen will,without a doubt, be the most successful foodsupplement ever...J. Frederic Templeman, MD 35. The Present The Mangosteen Featured in the international bestseller: Natural Cures They Dont Want You To Know About, Kevin TrudeauA funny looking fruit that packs anutritional wallopBreakthroughs in Health Magazine . 36. The Future XanGo Scientific research in a unique, patented formula: 100% natural No artificial flavors No artificial colors No added sweeteners. Why? It doesnt need it And neither do you! 37. The Future XanGo XanGo: Using the whole fruit puree in its most bio-available form Nutrients the way nature intended Dont be fooled by: Synthetic extracts, Pills, Capsules, Powders or even Juices that dontcontain the whole fruit.When You Drink XanGo: You get the full spectrum of all 43 knownXanthones found mostly in the rind. Plus many other high impact nutrients 38. The Future XanGo Every step that makes XanGo unique, findsits end result in our productThe product will always be our focus & passion This is not simply mangosteen juice! Dont play hit-and-miss with your health!Simply put, the best, most accessible source ofpowerful xanthones on the planet Category creating, first-to-market World-friendly, easily registered internationally,so we deliver our single formulation & oursingular message everywhere on the planet! 39. The Future XanGo Iron Fiber Calcium Vitamin C Potassium Vitamin B2 Protein Cathechins/Tannins Phosphorus Sodium Vitamin B1 Niacin 40. XanGo is... The original Mangosteen Supplement Safe for all Ages Only takes a few ounces (1 bottlewill last over 10 Days for 1 person) Sweet, crisp and delicious flavor The only whole-fruit formula Extensive quality control duringformulation Simple, 100% money-back guarantee 41. What can XanGo Do For You? Helps to Combat: Pain, Viral Infections, Fungal Infections, Bacterial Infections, Tumors, Cancer, Inflammation, Arthritis, Diabetes, Stroke, Heart Disease, Sclerosis, Allergies, Depression, Leukemia, Allergies, Alzheimers & Dementia, Parkinsons Disease, Anemia Helps to Improve: Sexual Performance, Asthma, Blood Clots, High Cholesterol, Menstrual problems, Menopause, Joint Problems, Gum disease, Migraines & Headaches, Carpal Tunnel, Fibromyalgia, HIV 42. See For Yourself! You can do your own research Youll be stunned! 43. The ProcessNo one else goes to the lengths we do to ensure quality and consistencyOur patented process delivers the purest, freshest, highest-quality product possibleEvery step is completed with precisionOver 100 quality assurance tests are performed from the harvest to the bottleA breakdown at any point results in less- than-optimal product. Simply not acceptable!Failure at any point results in rejection 44. The Process Our fruit is harvested exactly whenXanthonesConcentration is at its Peak The fruit is immediately, individually quick-frozen, locking out damaging ice crystals, but locking in the essential qualities100% Organically-grown100% Pesticide- and herbicide-freeExclusive relationships with harvesters allow us to set extremely high standards for the way our fruit is grown, harvested& handledAll fruit that does not meet these standards is rejected. 45. The Process $1.7 Billion, 73-year old manufacturing company Manufacture for Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Kraft, Nestle, Capri Sun +70% of all Health Beverages worldwide Over 150 trained scientists and researchers on staffXanGo was Wilds #2 account by end of 2005 XanGo is their fastest growing product, ever! 46. The ProcessThe whole fruit is stone-milled down to the perfect size for optimal bioavailabilityProcessing is completed in ISO9001-certified facilitiesWe have the highest standards in the world in processes, safety, quality & manufacturingOnly 5 international facilities have ever achieved this elite statusOur ongoing research & analysis ensures optimal xanthone content in every bottleAnyone can make mangosteen juiceBut not everyone can make it right! 47. SummaryAncient wisdom combined with modern technologyEntire, full, total fruit; without exception;No powders. No extracts. Complete, as nature intendedWhen we say The Whole Fruit, we mean it!Unique, Patented, Category-creatingJust a few ounces a day help you fight the molecular battle you may not have even realized was happening inside your body!Stacks of supporting, independent scientific researchCarefully crafted to ensure first-class quality.Every time 48. Thanks!http://my.xango.co.za/hennhatt/http://my.xango.de/elizamar/Contact: Hennie HattinghContact: Elizabeth [email protected] or any Xango [email protected] or anyoffice near you, justXango office near you, justQuote this reference nr. 12473168Quote this reference nr. 12499383