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  • Startup MarketingMarketing & PR tips for early stage Internet startups

    By Frederik HermannAt Upwest Labs - May 28th, 2013

  • Focus

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  • Set your goals

    With limited resources you need to focus your efforts on a fewmain goals, include realistic numbers you can achieve

  • Your marketing & PR should now work towards

    achieving these goals If the efforts are not contributing towards achieving the goals, dont do it

  • Start with the homework

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  • One-linerElevator Pitch


    Big IdeaVision




    This will help you tell your story

  • - Identity, branding, positioning - Build virality into product - Search engine optimization (SEO) - Communications (PR, social media, events)

    - Email Marketing / Re-targeting

    - Partnerships + third-party validation/trust

  • How to get heard

  • 1. Build relationships

    2. Provide larger story/context

    3. Provide comment

    4. Create your own content

    5. Be part of the community/conversation

    6. Maintain momentum

  • 1. Building relationships

    With journalists, bloggers, influencers, analysts...

  • 1. Identify journalists, bloggers, influencers in media outlets that your potential customers read/are exposed tovia search,,, etc

    2. Build your own list (a Google spreadsheet works fine)3. Start the conversation (IN ADVANCE)

    most journalists actually honor embargoes

    4. Maintain the relationship (be a great contact)


  • Always put yourself into the position of the receiving end of your message.

    Know who you are talking to, introduce yourself, provide context, be polite, personalize your story

  • 2. Whats news?

    What do journalists/bloggers usually care about hearing

  • - Are you part of a trend?

    - Can you provide insight or comment ona larger industry story that you fit into?

    - Are you disrupting an industry?

    - Evolution of something big/important

    - Great success, traction, numbers

  • 3. Provide comment

    This falls into the category of thought leadership and being recognizedas somebody knowledgable and insightful in your industry

  • - Sign up on HARO and provide a comment to a story relevant to your industry

    - Write an interesting/helpful/insightful guest post and reach out to media

    - Professionally comment on articles about your industry on other blogs/media

    - Engage in conversations on social media

  • 4. Create your own content

    Commonly referred to as content marketing, can be very powerfulbut also requires significant resources to create great content

  • 1. Create interesting content on your blogsome of it you can cross-post to Google+, LinkedIn, Quora,Medium, and share through your own social media channels

    2. Presentations (post them to Slideshare)3. Case studies4. Videos5. Whitepapers6. Infographics

  • 5. Conversations

  • Maintain professional presencesand be part of the conversation:

    - Through your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Quora, etc

    - Have a maintained profile on LinkedIn, AngelList, CrunchBase and later Wikipedia

    - Always professional, dont diss your competition, never get angry

  • 6. Momentum

    Plan a series of talking points, feature launches, and initiatives a few months in advance to keep the conversation going.

  • Make it easyto talk about you

  • - Good media kit page (different length descriptions, team...)

    - Have a good one-pager (example

    - Have a more detailed presentation (on Slideshare)

    - Have art assets to share (graphics, screenshots, photos)

    - Have a video to integrate

    - Share/follow links/buttons (eg.

  • Some other tips

  • - Optimize for organic search (SEO)

    - Have a decent mobile experience

    - Test email marketing (Marketo, Hubspot, Pardot, ...)

    - Test online advertising (Facebook, Twitter, AdWords, ...)

    - Startup/networking events & conferences

    - Thought leadership, speaking engagements

  • Investor pitch

  • MarketLandscape



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