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  • 1. Differentiate or DieDr. Uditha Liyanage

2. SeeGet Do 3. Triple Forci What is Strategy? What is Differentiation? What is the nexus between S & D? 4. Whats Not Strategy Competing to be the Best Strategy as Actiono Our strategy is to mergeo double our R & D spend Strategy as Visiono Our strategy is to be no. 1o to provide superior returns to s/h. Strategy as Missiono Our strategy is to provide superior products ..o to advance technology for mankind 5. Then, whats Strategy Strategy as Standing ? Strategy as Steps ?Strategy as Stand 6. o Stand as a Strategic Positiontaken by an organization onand in an industry/market.o Stand tells you, who you areand what you stand for. 7. It is vital that you first definewho you want to be, beforeyou figure out where you wantto go.Because, the latter depends onthe former and not vice versa. 8. StandStandingSteps 9. o In turbulent times, no deliberatesteps. Only emergent steps.o The need for Complex AdaptiveSystems.o Emergent Steps. All the more reasonfor a clear Stand. 10. Lets Take Singer Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Apparel Sri Lanka Tourism 11. Standing :One Million tourists by 2012 Steps :X program for UKY program for IndiaZ program for . Stand ? :Land like no other 12. A land like no other ..o To have ?o To do ?o To relate ?o To see ?o To be ? 13. To be and see being-seeing compact Authentic being-seeing Its in Asia Its an Island 14. Asias authentic being-seeingcompact island. 15. Six key words that articulate theStand of SLT Why Asia and Island ? Taking a Position on the market. 16. So, in essence, strategy isabout taking a stand aunique stand. 17. It is also about what youdo NOT stand for. 18. Strategic positionand trade-offs. 19. Now, what is Differentiationand, what is its nexus withyour Stand? 20. Strategy = = Differentiation UniqueStand 21. So, what exactly is Differentiation ?First, what is not differentiation ? 22. Differentiation is Not Operational Effectiveness Doing the same things better 23. Differentiation vs. SuperiorityKPD C2 C1XYZ8 107 96 7 C2 > C1 C2 has CA over C1 But, C2 is not differentiated from C1 24. Differentiation is not about being BetterBut, it is all about being DifferentDifferentiation is not doingthe same things better. 25. Good but not quite! Best practice Benchmarking Outsourcing TQM Six zigmao Competitive Convergenceo Zero-sum Competition CI 26. Productivity Frontier(Best practice)Value DeliveredRelative Cost PositionHighLowHigh Low(Porter, 1996) 27. Differentiation is Not Operational Effectiveness Operational Efficiency ?Doing the same thingsfaster and cheaper 28. Operational E1 x E2Operational(Value) Effectiveness (Beingbetter)(Cost) Efficiency (Being cheaper) 29. Differentiation and its sweet spotCustomerNeedsCompanyCapabilityCompetitorOfferings 30. In SumDifferentiation is about doingdifferent things and/or doing thingsdifferently, and not doing the samethings better, faster and cheaper. 31. Thank you!