Introduction to Creative Operations

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  1. 1. Improve planning, collaboration, and production of creative assets from 'concept' to 'approved' Introductionto CreativeOperations Written By: Nish Patel, CEO ConceptShare
  2. 2. Creative Operations is the field responsible for increasing timeliness, capacity, and compliance in the creative production process.
  3. 3. TIMELINESS Creative Operations helps you understand: + Have we delivered approved assets on time? + Are we currently delivering approved assets on time? + Will we be able to deliver approved assets on time?
  4. 4. CAPACITY Creative Operations helps you understand: + Have we maximized our asset production capacity? + Are we currently maximizing our asset production capacity? + Will we be able to produce more assets with the same or fewer resources?
  5. 5. COMPLIANCE Creative Operations helps you understand: + Did our approved assets follow the required review & approval process? + Are we currently at risk for not adhering to brand & regulatory compliance policies? + Will we be able to ensure adherence to brand and regulatory compliance policies?
  6. 6. COST Creative Operations helps you understand: + What is our historical cost per asset? + What is our current cost per asset? + Will we be able to reduce our cost per asset?
  7. 7. Thebigshifttowards CreativeOperations
  8. 8. Marketing trends like big data, omni-channel marketing, and mobile means Marketing & Creative need to produce more assets ... faster.
  9. 9. The demand for Creative Operations professionals has significantly accelerated in the last 5 years. 20,000 50 2010 2015 Creative Operations Professionals on LinkedIn
  10. 10. Priorities for Creative Operations Professionals + Institutes structure & process around Advertising, Marketing, and Creative production + Oversees & ensures compliance with each phase of internal & external review & approval process + Works closely with Creative & Marketing to ensure priorities are clearly established and achieved, meeting deadlines, and within budget + Implements process & technology to increase timeliness, capacity, and compliance and reduce marketing & creative production costs
  11. 11. 5signsyouneedto thinkabout CreativeOperations
  12. 12. People are frustrated with the current process + Creative is frustrated with constantly receiving unclear feedback, inefficient Review & Approval tools like email and job bags, and the need for constant re-work on assets. + Reviewers are frustrated with being unable to articulate feedback, not seeing change requests actioned, and having to manage multiple feedback reviews in email or other inefficient means. + Marketing is frustrated when deadlines are missed and campaigns can't launch on time and they don't have their assets.
  13. 13. You know there are bottlenecks, but can't find them + Everyone on the team "feels" there are steps in the process that are slowing things down, but you can't pinpoint the root cause + You don't have the data you need to get to the root cause of production inefficiencies to fix the problems + You need a way to get insight into what's actually happening, and measure every step of the process so you can move from "I feel" to "I know"
  14. 14. You need to improve production capacity - but can't hire more people + You don't have the resources to execute on all of the marketing opportunities you want to take advantage of + Your biggest obstacle is the inability to produce enough assets to fill all of the campaign opportunities in front of you + You need a way to get from "I need an asset" to "I have an asset" faster, with the same or fewer resources
  15. 15. No one owns the creative production process + You have a team that are all focused on their individual roles, but no one manages the process around all of the work + No one is asking the hard questions like "How do we do things today - how can we do them better?" - and anyone that does, doesn't have the bandwidth or resources to have an impact + No one is tasked with building the strategy and implementing the right technology and processes to improve production inefficiencies
  16. 16. Deadlines are missed This is a big one. Its a huge catalyst for asking What should we be doing better, and how can we optimize our process? Thats because missed deadlines have an impact on the business that you cant ignore. The deadline was set for a reason, and missing it often triggers a reaction, since the consequences are real. When deadlines are missed, its a common first step on the path to someone saying We need to look at our creative operations.
  17. 17. Now that you have an understanding of what Creative Operations is, how it helps Marketing & Creative teams, and the biggest indicators that you're ready for it - it's time to start researching, and exploring your options.
  18. 18. ConceptShare is a Creative Operations Platform that helps Marketing & Creative teams deliver approved assets faster. We improve planning, collaboration, and productivity from 'concept' to 'approved' with integrated features like online proofing, creative project management, and analytics. Learn more about Creative Operations Get the resources you need to get started