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  1. 1. Report DLD2017* Trend Munich, January 15 17, 2017
  2. 2. What do Peter Schwarzenbauer (BMW Group), Tyler Brule (Monocle), Isabella Rossellini, Brad Smith (Microsoft), Tom Enders (Airbus) and Demis Hassabis (DeepMind) have in common? They all attended the DLD2017* - the Digital Lifestyle, Design Conference - in Munich.
  3. 3. About DLD: The Economist calls it The most influential tech conference in Europe. - Digital Life Design (DLD) is a global conference network, organized by the Munich based editors house Hubert Burda Media. In 2005, Stephanie Czerny and Marcel Reichart founded DLD as an annual conference with the purpose to connect business, creative and social leaders, opinion formers and investors for crossover conversation and inspiration. DLD brings together more than 1.000 participants start ups, corporations & brands, artists, futurists and visionary leaders and acts as a platform for an exchange of future visions and experiences, driven by the mission to create a network of innovation, digital prospects, science and culture. Since its first gathering, DLD hosted events in New York, Beijing, San Francisco, London, Moscow, New Delhi, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv and Munich.
  4. 4. From the Program: Are Bots The Future of Government The Contextual Internet The User Strikes Back The Elephant in the Room: How to Cope With a New Reality The Future of Storytelling And Content Creation How Data & AI Disrupts Business Processes Friending the News Money Kills Creativity? Full Program here: http://www.dld- All Videos here: http://www.dld-
  5. 5. No surprise: Artificial Intellicency & Voice Control hand been the two dominating trends discussed at DLD 2017. So forget about chess, when it comes to Machine vs. Man. The board game Go is the real knack for Artificial Intelligence. Google is celebrating a break through with its software AlphaGo by DeepMind - as it is able to win against a professional Go-Players in this super complex game. Interested to learn more? Have a look into this video: Voice controll fans could experience a showroom run by Nest at DLD 2017 and Tony Fadell, CEO and Founder of Nest presented it
  6. 6. We need more digital skill trainings. Thats what we really need to talk about!
  7. 7. We want machines to spot the next Harry Potter or Games of Thrones. AI and machines learning will be super important for storytelling. Allen Lau, WattPad
  8. 8. !Since its first gathering in 2005 DLD has always been a tech savy meeting optimistic and full of ideas and vision for the years to come with highest expectations and lofty visions for the latest technology. 2017 - for the first time it was a bit different. Panelists and participants expressed scepticism. Timotheus Httges, CEO of Telekom, nailed down these risks: Its about jobs, privacy and security. 1. Jobs: Digitaliszation, especially AI, is jeopardizing jobs. No doubt about this. Whatever could be automated will be automated. Humans will be needed for functions too complicated for robots. And we hope there will be enough jobs in the future. 2. Privacy: Loosing your privacy is loosing freedom. But opinions are widely spread how much freedom we need and how much more we may benefit from sharing more data. In the future we have to enable and train users to keep data under control. 3. Security: Cyber criminalization will be a key risk and concern of government and in corporations. This effects not only the U.S. election. It has an effect on all of us in our homes. Why you should have been there Trends & Take Aways
  9. 9. X Considering the fake news debate, Matthias Dpfner (Axel Springer Media) thinks that "since mankind exists, we have fake news. What's new is that with Social Media we have more transparency about that. The debate is completely overrated but it shows that a trustful source is of importance
  10. 10. We have more journalists in our business today than 20 years ago. Matthias Dpfner, CEO Axel Springer Media
  11. 11. Beyond Technology And Data about the impact of technology on corporations, leaders and jobs: You have to look into Must read & Must see 2 The Future of Publishing Houses what makes a modern publishing house today: 1 3 The Future of Storytelling - why machines will be important for Storytellers in the future: The Future of Creative Collaboration - why collaboration is so important for brands and designers
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