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HMRC’s Digital Journey Antony Collard Deputy Director, Digital Delivery Chris Penner Digital Centre Manager Capgemini Week of innovation Networks

HMRC's Digital Journey

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Page 1: HMRC's Digital Journey

HMRC’s Digital Journey

Antony Collard

Deputy Director, Digital Delivery

Chris Penner

Digital Centre Manager

Capgemini Week of innovation Networks

Page 2: HMRC's Digital Journey



of all5m

Business customers

HMRC at a glance in 2016

£536.8bn revenue 45m

Individual customers

Page 3: HMRC's Digital Journey

Our channels in 2014/15





SA returns

filed online

16minbound letters


Page 4: HMRC's Digital Journey

• Delivering tax accounts for individuals and

small businesses

• Bringing telephone and mail contact down by

55% by 2019/20

• Raising an additional £5bn revenue a year

by 2019/20

• Making sustainable savings of £7.2bn

by 2019/20 (CDIO will deliver 25% of this)

• Improving employee engagement

Our SR15 commitments

Page 5: HMRC's Digital Journey


Net reduction

in baseline

costs by 2020

HMRC the challenges in 2016

£1.3bnReinvestment in

digital transformation

Page 6: HMRC's Digital Journey

What are we creating?

• World-class public services – essential for the


• One of the most digitally advanced tax

administrations in the world - simpler for


• One of the most technologically progressive


Page 7: HMRC's Digital Journey

• Business tax account users can already service most

of their basic needs through the account

• 2016 will be about growing the functionality available

to users while ensuring it is increasingly personalised

• Personal tax account will see lots more services

coming soon

• APIs – will see us increasingly relying on the software

industry to exploit access to our systems, making tax

interactions more straightforward

Tax accounts & APIs at the heart of our digital vision

Page 8: HMRC's Digital Journey

HMRC Digital Services

Page 9: HMRC's Digital Journey

Our Dev-Ops evolution - going multi-active

Page 10: HMRC's Digital Journey

Proof in delivery:organic growth

Page 11: HMRC's Digital Journey

• Major business peak – 31st July – Tax Credit


• C4m people expected to renew with Xm expected

in the last few days

• Predominantly through phone / post based

channels generating serious customer and

business impacts as we look to resource our “old”

channels to meet demand

Proof in delivery - starting a channel shift

Page 12: HMRC's Digital Journey

Proof in delivery - 2014 - starting a channel shift

"seminal moment across the leadership of HMRC"Mark Dearnley, former HMRC Chief Digital Information Officer

8weeks build


94% customer

satisfaction rate

Page 13: HMRC's Digital Journey

Proof in delivery- 2016 - starting a channel shift


weeks build



84% customer

satisfaction rate

300,953 change of circs received

255,373 worklist, 45,580 robotics &

12,983 robot exceptions

Page 14: HMRC's Digital Journey

Service usage – some facts!

Sunday – average

busiest hour 19:00

to 20:00

Busiest single

hour R16 – 21:00

to 22:00 (Sunday

31st July) 8.5k

users!Over 33.3 million

page views (that

equates to over

100k copies of the


Monday to Friday

– average busiest

hour 9:00 to 10:00

49% of all

sessions were

returning users

Significant usage

of TCDS 24hrs per

day since

Renewals 16 went

live!Sessions by

language – Top 3

1. Eng-UK

2. Eng-US

3. Polish

403,338 users

during the w/e 31st


(3k more than the

population of

Bristol)Sessions by browser

1. Chrome (45.3%)

2. Safari (34.8%)

3. IE (7.3%)

Page 15: HMRC's Digital Journey

• Customers were able to renew their tax credits digitally from

Tuesday 19th April 2016

• Extensive development ensured that they could interact in

the way that they wanted

• Between 19th April and 5th August over 3.4 million

sessions were completed

• The majority of customers interacted using a mobile/tablet

than desktop computer

• In July an HMRC app was launched giving customers

another way to renew

Service usage – how did our customers interact with us?







Page 16: HMRC's Digital Journey


‘It was really helpful , and It saved

me a long phone call into the office

. And the response time was


‘It’s a brilliant service,

helps out a lot.’

‘Brilliant for someone not able to get to a

phone to call an advisor due to working

long hours this has been a wonderful

service to quickly resolve problems!

Prefer this to a telephone call!’

‘This is the first time I’ve used

the webchat service for HMRC

and I think it’s absolutely

fantastic! Thank you’

Page 17: HMRC's Digital Journey

Our Dev-Ops evolution - some context

Page 18: HMRC's Digital Journey

• SA16 was HMRC’s most digital ever

• 18 new digital services in the last year

• 5m businesses can access their business tax

account, 3.2m users this year

• 45 million individuals have a personal tax account and

5m already using it

▪ was just 3k in December 2015

▪ will be 7m by March 2017

Digital transformation happening at pace

Page 19: HMRC's Digital Journey

• Digital preferences and paperless

• 200 New iForms, starting to link to robotics and APIs

• Over 2m “Ask Ruth” questions handled

• Data stored and reused - Tell us Once

• Embryonic mobile App

Digital transformation happening at pace

Page 20: HMRC's Digital Journey

And its not just “external” Digital…

• “Paperless Offices”:

Mail scanned, intelligently sorted and sent to

staff via Digital Mail Service (DMS)

Hybrid Mail system linked to DMS creating

“one customer view”

• Robotic solutions applied internally to reduce call

handling times improve internal customer


• Moving towards 24-7 working

• Applying design and build principles to internally

focussed systems

Page 21: HMRC's Digital Journey

• Secure digital accounts for customers offering

great experience promoting self serve

• Automating what we can

• APIs for businesses working with software


• Multi-channel offering based on customer

preference and need with 24-7 support

• Processes engineered to make tax simpler

• Exploiting data to help customers

HMRC the challenges to 2020

Page 22: HMRC's Digital Journey

Thank you

Follow our progress at hmrcdigital.blog.gov.uk