How to replace a flat tire on a

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<p>How To replace A Flat Tire On A Car</p> <p>How To Replace A Flat Tire On A CarBy, Mustafa Yousif</p> <p>Tools NeededJackGlovesLug ranchFlash light-if its night timeSpare tire (located under the car or trunk)</p> <p>Step 1Find a safe place to parkTurn the hazard lights on </p> <p>Step 2Putting on the gloves Taking the spare tire from under your car or out of your trunkSet the spare tire aside </p> <p>Step 3Place the jack on a hard metal surfaceTwist the stick to the right so the jack will rise the car up</p> <p>Step 4Open the screws on the tire with the lug ranchPlace them aside in a pile </p> <p>Step 5 Replace the flat tire with the spare tire </p> <p>Step 6Place the screws back on the Spare tire you put on </p> <p>Step 7Twist the stick on the jack to the left to bring the car back down </p> <p>Step 8Place all tools and the flat tire in your car </p> <p>Thank You For Reading</p>


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