How to replace a flat tire on a

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How To replace A Flat Tire On A Car

How To Replace A Flat Tire On A CarBy, Mustafa Yousif

Tools NeededJackGlovesLug ranchFlash light-if its night timeSpare tire (located under the car or trunk)

Step 1Find a safe place to parkTurn the hazard lights on

Step 2Putting on the gloves Taking the spare tire from under your car or out of your trunkSet the spare tire aside

Step 3Place the jack on a hard metal surfaceTwist the stick to the right so the jack will rise the car up

Step 4Open the screws on the tire with the lug ranchPlace them aside in a pile

Step 5 Replace the flat tire with the spare tire

Step 6Place the screws back on the Spare tire you put on

Step 7Twist the stick on the jack to the left to bring the car back down

Step 8Place all tools and the flat tire in your car

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