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  1. 1. LinkedIn : Company Page, Groups & Self-advertising
  2. 2. Company Page Getting Started
  3. 3. Company Page
  4. 4. Company Page
  5. 5. Company Page
  6. 6. Company Page
  7. 7. Company Page
  8. 8. Company Page
  9. 9. Company Page
  10. 10. Questions! When a brand has created a company page, what is the next step that you would take to create awareness. If your budget restricts advertising, what would you recommend?
  11. 11. How to Create Awareness? Develop your Follower Community Encourage your workforce to create and complete LinkedIn profiles once they include your company name, they automatically become followers of your Company Page Encourage them to spread the word to their networks, customers, and business partners Add a Follow button to your website Link to the Company Page in all of your marketing communications like your emails, newsletters and blogs
  12. 12. How to Create Awareness? Build Valuable Relationships Share company news, industry articles, thought leadership pieces or ask followers to weigh in on hot topics Share images, infographics, or any compelling content Target your update based on our unique criteria. Its a powerful way to deliver highly relevant content to the right audience Use follower analytics to gain a deeper understanding of your follower base, community growth, and engagement levels
  13. 13. LinkedIn - Estimates
  14. 14. LinkedIn Groups LinkedIn Groups is a great way for organizations to keep in touch with their members about current events and to discuss issues of common interest Here are a few types of groups that are currently on LinkedIn: Corporate College alumni Nonprofit Trade organizations Conferences Industry-specific
  15. 15. Finding and Joining the Right Group
  16. 16. Finding and Joining the Right Group
  17. 17. Why Should I Join LinkedIn Groups?
  18. 18. LinkedIn Self-serve Ads
  19. 19. You can up to 15 ad variations
  20. 20. Who's the Audience for this Campaign?
  21. 21. Location
  22. 22. Companies
  23. 23. Companies
  24. 24. Job Title
  25. 25. School & Skills
  26. 26. Groups, Gender & Age
  27. 27. Bid & Daily Budget
  28. 28. Sponsored Updates
  29. 29. Bid & Daily BudgetSocial actions are free: Like, Share, Follow & Comment
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