Time Remapping; Film & Editing Task.

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  1. 1. Film and Editing Task TIME REMAPPING
  2. 2. Post Modern films use a variety of techniques which breaks conventions of generic Hollywood films, the purpose of this is to make audiences aware that they are watching a film which has been constructed. This includes techniques such as Anti-Narratives- This is used in the BBC series Hussle, where the producers include the use of Freeze Frame and non diegetic narration to make the audience aware of the con-mens thought process. Another technique is Meta-Referencing which is used in the film Waynes World to parody this theory as throughout the film Wayne and Garth talk to the camera, however when another character attempts to communicate to the camera Wayne interrupts with Hey man, only me and Garth get to talk to the camera! providing the audience with both an awareness that they are watching a constructed film, yet also a comedic view on the technique. TIME REMAPPING
  3. 3. Prior to the filming we planned out what we would film and what techniques we would use for them. This includes a cartwheel which we would then proceed to edit the duration and use slow motion, a scene where the character acknowledges that they're being filmed and starts talking directly to the camera, and lastly a parody of Indiana Jones where instead of running out of a door and returning for his hat, the parody includes a student coming back to collect his bag. FILMING
  4. 4. Time Remapping- Firstly we opened Premier and created two key frames where we wanted to construct the times between, then added a Speed Ramp to make the timing appear more natural. We did this by selecting the frame we wanted, and then when the handlebar appeared we dragged it either sides. This then forms a Bezier curve in the timeline which allows the scene to play more organically and slow-fast motion instantly. This is the finished product that we uploaded to YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-i4uEw0Jk0&list=UUCQBbf- EYhj5X71jRaK8gpQ EDITING