Object Lesson: God’s Word – a Mirror for Reflection

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James tells us Gods Word is like a mirror (James 1:22-25). Mirrors allow us to see ourselves and to make changes based upon what we see. Unfortunately, many youth not only have a hard time seeing themselves in Scripture, but they also see themselves in a lot of other mirrors which may distort the image they see when they are already struggling to discover who they really are.


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2. www.CreativeYouthIdeas.comwww.creativeobjectlessons.comJames tells us Gods Word is like amirror (James 1:22-25). Mirrorsallow us to see ourselves and tomake changes based upon what wesee. Unfortunately, many youth notonly have a hard time seeingthemselves in Scripture, but theyalso see themselves in a lot ofother mirrors which may distort theimage they see when they arealready struggling to discover whothey really are. 3. www.CreativeYouthIdeas.comwww.creativeobjectlessons.comWhat to doDiscussion1. Ask: What are the characteristics ofa mirror?2. You can divide the youth intogroups and have a competitionbetween teams to make the biggestlist of characteristics and uses ofmirrors, or simply ask the questionand write all the answers on awhiteboard or newsprint/flipcharts.3. Then read James 1:22-25 and askthe youth to highlight ways theBible is like a mirror using the listthey have already created. 4. www.CreativeYouthIdeas.comwww.creativeobjectlessons.comTake it to the Next LevelMake it SpiritualHere are some thoughts of characteristicsand uses of a mirror applied. We look into the mirror to see how welook and make changes No onelooks into a mirror, sees something heneeds to change and then just forgetsabout it. The better the mirror, the better thereflection. A poor quality mirror oftenintroduces distortions. We must beaware of looking at ourselves throughthe eyes of others, what we have, ortitles and positions, but must insteadsee ourselves as God sees us. Lookinto the perfect Word instead of thepolluted world. 5. www.CreativeYouthIdeas.comwww.creativeobjectlessons.com Reflective Gods Word reflects hispersonality, reflects his attributes,attitudes, and desires. It also shows ushow God sees us. Introspective Through reading GodsWord, we see Him and we seeourselves and the areas of our liveswhere we dont measure up to Godsstandards The mirror isnt the light, but onlyreflects it We are not to worshipGods word, but the God that itreveals to us. Gods Word reveals theLight to us: a. Christ the light of theworld; b. personal enlightenment 6. www.CreativeYouthIdeas.comwww.creativeobjectlessons.com Shows the outside, not the inside Incontrast, Gods Word andcommandments are not for thepurpose of making external changes,but internal changes heart changes. Reflects the sun (son) or light GodsWord reflects Christ the Son Able to see yourself as others do Through Gods Word, we discoverwhat God sees in us and what othersalso see in us If we focus too much we often losesight of the overall picture We needto look at the Bible as a whole, notpulling scriptures out of context, andnot getting caught up in petty issues,but keeping a balanced Christian life 7. www.CreativeYouthIdeas.comwww.creativeobjectlessons.com Can get dirty/ collect dust if not used Many of our Bibles collect dustthroughout the week and ourknowledge of Gods Word is forgotten A magnifying mirror is clear in thecenter and fuzzy and distorted on theedges. We must have our livescentered upon Gods word. When weare away from it others wont see us asclear reflections of Christ, but they willget a fuzzy image of Christianity. Looking in carnival mirrors give you adistorted image of yourself. Unlesswe are looking into the true mirror,Gods Word, we will get a distortedimage of ourselves. Also beware ofpreachers who make you laugh, butnever really give you Gods Word orhave application to their sermons.They may just be carnival mirrorpreachers! 8. www.CreativeYouthIdeas.comwww.creativeobjectlessons.com A mirror can break Although a mirrorcan break, Gods word will standforever. The only thing you usually get from ashattered mirror is a cut hand! Often,when we have shattered families, orother aspects of our lives areshattered, we get wounded becausewe use these things as our mirrorsinstead of Gods Word. You cant see much in a small mirror In the same way, you cant see yourselfor God very much in a few Bible verses,but the more of Gods Word you lookinto, the better you see yourself andGod 9. www.CreativeYouthIdeas.comwww.creativeobjectlessons.com Usually when we look in the mirror,we only see the obvious things Often when we read Gods word thethings that are most obvious arewhat we realize. Later when we readthese again, other things will bemade evident to us by the HolySpirit. There are different types of mirrorsfor different purposes (Periscopes,Rearview mirrors, etc.) - Differentverses in Gods word reveal mistakesthat are already behind us, andthose that are possible in the future Obstacles in the way of a mirrorblock out parts of the picture Obstacles in our lives prevent usfrom see the whole picture as Godsees it. 10. www.CreativeYouthIdeas.comwww.creativeobjectlessons.com The further you get from a mirror theless detail you see, the closer you get,the more detail you see. This is thesame effect as getting close or fartherfrom Gods Word. Quick glances into the mirror donthelp much. To really see what needswork, you must spend time in Godsword, focusing and concentrating. Aquick reading through the word rarelydoes us much good. Sometimes it is necessary to look froma different angle to get a betterperspective. It is the same with GodsWord. Try approaching scripture from avariety of vantage points. 11. www.CreativeYouthIdeas.comwww.creativeobjectlessons.com No one ever looks in a mirror just tosee the glass We look into theBible not to see the Bible, but tosee God and ourselvesHave more ideas to share, please emailme as Id love to hear what your groupscome up with! Share in the comments. 12. www.CreativeYouthIdeas.comwww.creativeobjectlessons.comMake it PracticalWhat are some of the things we learnabout ourselves from the Bible?Make it PersonalHow should we respond based on thereflection we see? 13. www.CreativeYouthIdeas.comwww.creativeobjectlessons.comScriptureDo not merely listen to the word, and sodeceive yourselves. Do what it says.Anyone who listens to the word but doesnot do what it says is like someone wholooks at his face in a mirror and, afterlooking at himself, goes away andimmediately forgets what he looks like.But whoever looks intently into theperfect law that gives freedom, andcontinues in itnot forgetting what theyhave heard, but doing itthey will beblessed in what they do. James 1:22-25 14. MORE IDEAS? See Creative Object Lessons200 page e-book that explains everything youneed to know when planning your very ownobject lessons. It contains 90 fully developedobject lesson ideas and another 200 objectlesson starter ideas based on Biblical idiomsand Names / Descriptions of God.Learn MoreCreative Object Lessonswww.creativeobjectlessons.comwww.CreativeYouthIdeas.com


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