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Mirror Reflection Magazine July issue

Text of Mirror Reflection Magazine july 2011

  • July 2011, number 4

  • What happens with Sebastian Pino?pages 4-5News & Causespages 6-7

    Weekend low cost - Barcelona!pages 8-9Interview with Maria OeyPages 10-12

    Challengespage 12

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    Rodrigo Septien for the cover.

    Maria Oey, from now she is a great friend! Thank you for all

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  • Mirror Reflection July 2011

    Sebastian Castillo Pino was punished with two years of inactivity in official tournaments after the disciplinary committee of the World Cube Association orders it.

    The Chilean speedcuber Sebastian Pino Castillo was accused of cheating in tournaments in which he had used previously memorized scrambles for Rubik's clock events. Another Chilean who we will not disclose his identity was who discovered what was happening and reported the case to the WCA committe discipline directed by Anders Larsson.

    What happens with Sebastian Pino


    Rubik's Clock

    The situation for the speedcubing in Chile is critical. There existed in that country two independent groups that organize their own events with uncooperative and neglecting interpersonal relationships between speedcubers in a group and another.

    Each group has its delegate, one is Felipe Rojas and the other is Sebastian Pino. Neither wanted to make any statement in our magazine so we have tried know exactly what happened with them

    The Chilean Sebastian Pino had achieved a world record average (SSCC 2011) in rubik's clock when someone reported the case to the disciplinary committee of the WCA, according to that source Sebastian Pino had cheated to achieve this record. Then began the investigation by the disciplinary committee and it determined that he had been used scrambles too luckys and too special to have been generated randomly. Sebastian said he had warned that should have not proceeded with those scrambles but eventually they did it.

    "Getting into the verdict, I did not pled guilty, I did not recognize the unrecognizable, I said I had not cheated, because I've never done." said Sebastian

  • What happens with Sebastian Pino


    WCA logo

    "Some conspirancy theorists may suggest that someone has franed MR Pino by manipulating the scrambles, but at least two things speak against such a theory: At first Mr Pino must have noticed that the scramble for the first solve of his WR average was the same as the scramble of his WR single and at last Mr Pino had the means and motive for manipulating scrambles"

    On the behalf of the IACAnders Larsson

    "After examining evidence presented by various WCA competitors, and examining evidence independently gathered by the IAC, we have determined that Sebastian Pino Castillo manipulated WCA acrambles and gained an unfair advantage in WCA competition. The WCA will take the following actions:

    1. All the results for events that utilitze WCA scrambling for 2009CAST02 for events where2009CAST02 was acting WCA delegate will be removed

    2. 2009CAST02 will be ineligible to participate in WCA event for two years, and will be eligible to participate again on June 1, 2013

    3. 2009CAST02 WCA delegate status will be revoked"

    Tyson Mao

    Mirror Reflection July 2011

  • Mirror Reflection July 20116

    News- Michal Pleskowicz won the 3Mola Open 2011 with a great average (9.83s) Pleskowicz also won 3x3 OH and 2x2 events and broke the 3x3 OH european average record with a time of 15.16s at the combined first round. Tomasz Zlonowski finished recond and rubik's cube event with an average of 11.12s and Tomasz Cyrklaff finished third with 11.88s.- A ustin Moore won Dixon Open 2011 with an average of 10.80s, Christopher Olson finished second with 13.77s and Riely Thurm third with 14.80s. But the winner of th day was John Brechon, organizer of this championship, who on on five events: 4x4, 5x5, pyraminx, square-1 and 6x6 and finished second at 2x2 3x3 BL an3 3x3 OH.

    - Yuanxu Han won the Yingkou Open 2011with and average of 12.68s, Meng Wang finished second with 13.16s and Zhou Yiched third with 15.17s. Event were very contested and there was no an absolute winner.

    - Feliks Zamdegs, the young speedcuber, won Melbourne winter open 2011 with a great average of 7.64s. In a few days we will have and interview with him so you can send us any quaestion you want to ask him! At this event Feliks broke the world record with an incredible single time of 5.66s and also broke the world record average with 7.62s. Luke Bruce finished second with 12.79s and Kirt Protacio third with 13.60s.Feliks also won other seven events, in total he won 8 of 10 events and broke other records like oceania continental average pyraminx record with 5,19s and 4x4 single world record with 30.88s.

    For more news visit our webside!http://reflectionsmagz.wordpress.com/

  • 7 Mirror Reflection July 2011

    From now Mirror Reflection Magazine wants to help the world. We think the world can be saved, but the world will not save alone. For this reason Mirror Reflection Magazine will work with wefeedback, an organization that works to prevent hunger, especially childhood hunger.

    From now you can play to some solidary games on our web in which each point is transformed into food for undernourished children in the developing world.

    Make your donation herehttp://wefeedback.org/

    Or just play games and donate for free on our web gameshttp://reflectionsmagz.wordpress.com/games

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    The Catalan Art Nouveau cultural movement, which demonstrated extraordinary vitality and artistic qualities, is one of Barcelona's main tourist attractions and one of the most convincing reasons for getting to know the city. Even today, Modernisme, as it is known locally, still characterises the city, giving it a very special charm. It is the style of many buildings here and you can see it clearly for yourself at various city museums and historical houses.

    Modernisme influenced other arts, even leaving its mark in the smallest details of everyday objects. The movement combined elements of modernity with cultural revival and was driven by a group of intellectuals who did not limit themselves to promoting architecture, the cornerstone of Modernisme but also sculpture,

    painting, graphic arts, literature, the theatre, music and the decorative arts, as well as reviving old craft skills, which the great architects really knew how to exploit.

    The whole area around Passeig de Grcia, bordered by Carrer d'Aribau, Passeig de Sant Joan, Ronda de Sant Pere, Ronda de la Universitat and Avinguda Diagonal, is a privileged area of the Eixample. This became the centre of Barcelona's bourgeoisie in the last decade of the 19th century and early 20th century, coinciding with the appearance and spread of Modernisme. The "Quadrat d'Or" (Golden Square), as it was called, became the centre of a Barcelona Modernista. Today you will find many shops, as well as bars and restaurants, so you can enjoy your visit on a full stomach!


  • Mirror Reflection July 2011

    Negro Carbn: tango&tapasIn Negro Carbn you can take a trip through the Argentin, Spanish and Catalonian cusine, which merge in unique dishes prepared with original recipes and selected ingredients and top quality.In Negro Carbn you can taste the tipical Spanish tapas

    16th pla del palau, BCNhttp://www.negrocarbon.com/

    The intriguing Bosc de les Fades is an unique and magical place: a forest inhabited by strange trees, gnomes and other unexpected creatures.Discover the secrets that this place can offer: every detail and every nook and turn conceals a treasure, a bewitching story.Would you like to discover a magical tale?

    7th Banca street, Barcelona

    The park Guell contains amazing stone structures, stunning tiling and fascinant buildings. You can see there the Gaudi dragon fountain and the wonderful view of Barcelona City from the terraced area. The vibrant colours of tiles are truly breathtking.

    Visit park Guell for free everyday from 10am to 7pm.L3 (green line) Lesseps

    Hostel Quartier Gothic is located in Avinyo street in the middle of the gothic quarter just at 100 meters from the Ramblas. Where in XIX loved the aristocatic of Barcelona and where Picasso painted "Les demoiselles d'avignon". The building is a Tuscany style and for his singularity is protected by the historical-artistical catalogue of Barcelona.

    The hoste has a perfect situation because you can easily go shopping, go to the beach, visit the cathedral, Boqueria's market, city hall, Maremagnum, Zoo, Monjuic and Picasso's museum.

    At this hostel you can chose between private or shared rooms at very low prices. All the roomes have complete bath-room, safe box, heating and ceiling-fan. The hostel also has reception 24h and lockers, drinks and coffe machines, Internet, rent a car or motorbike and a lot of touritic information of Barcelona.


    Restaurant Pub Have a walk



  • Mirror Reflection July 2011


    When and why did you started with speedcubing?

    I had no interest with Rubik's cube and even started to dislike it when my son disturbed my night rest because of the noise it makes. I wondered why he was so addicted to such kind of toy hahahaha and then I recalled myself being a little girl addicted to p