Be an Admin Hero: Make Adoption Fly with Salesforce1 by Marla Martin & Doralice Freitas

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Salesforce - Corporate Presentation Template,, @doravfreitas

Be an Admin Hero: Make Adoption Fly with Salesforce1Marla Martin & Doralice FreitasCustomer Onboarding Representatives

We know youre tired, its been a fantastic week full of excitement. But dont quit on us now, we want to send you home with our favorite secrets to being an admin superhero.

We're going to help you make adoption fly. We want to send you home as a superhero. You can even wear a cape if you like!

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Key Takeaway:We are a publicly traded company. Please make your buying decisions only on the products commercially available from Salesforce.

Talk Track:Before I begin, just a quick note that when considering future developments, whether by us or with any other solution provider, you should always base your purchasing decisions on what is currently available.

How much business intelligence is lost?How are you capturing activity details?Can we make it easier for our sales teams?

Looking for higher adoption?

Let Salesforce1 help you point the way!

(I will begin talking about adoption and struggles in the field when Dora, a sales rep, rushes up to interrupt me. She is stressed out and wants my full attention now, while Im presenting.)

How much business intelligence do you think weve lost over the years because we didnt have a way to capture information while it was fresh in our minds? For those people who work in the field, namely sales reps, they are always looking for ways to knock on more doors, meet with more clients, but still need to capture the valuable information they collect so it makes their work more effective.

And sure, people can remember some details later in the day when they get back to the office, and maybe they might even make notes on a business card, but how much room is there? And then they still have to retype it all. How much info do you think we lose that could have made the difference between winning and losing a deal? I mean, thats a big part of why we all use Salesforce in the first place, right? But I still think we lose a lot of information from our field sales team simply because its not convenient to enter it immediately. You heard these pain points, and they are real.

Field work frustrations create adoption CHALLENGESIt takes too long to enter my activity after a day in the field!

Im doing too much work at night, I dont have a life!

I cant type on my phone, its slow and the keys are too small!

Dora is a sales rep, struggling with logging her activity each day when she is out in the field. She calls on customers throughout the day, writes notes on a business card and takes the stack home at night, entering all of her notes after hours.

Role play ensues, pain points are as follows:

Not good at typing on my phone, lots of typosTakes too long to enter informationNo free time because of evening data entryI dont want to take the time to do thisNo internet connection during the day in the field

Dora, if I could drastically reduce your data entry time and virtually eliminate the need to type on your phone, plus send you home at night with free time on your hands, would you be willing to spend the next 15 minutes listening and commit to trying it out and giving me feedback?

Of course she would!

Enter You, the Admin HeroArmed with Salesforce1 and Siri

Salesforce1 in itself changed the way we do business in the field. All of a sudden, we can access our information on the go. Need a phone number, directions or a detailed client history? Youve got it. As long as youre storing the information in Salesforce of course.

But what about putting information into Salesforce? How can we make this easier?

As administrators we can configure the Mobile app by arranging navigation menus, global actions and creating compact layouts to make it quick and easy for sales teams to record activity on the go. For example, you might want the activity type to default to a live cold call, so theres one less step for the rep on the go. I highly recommend all of these, but what Im really excited to show you today is something each sales rep can do on their own, and you can test it out right here today on your mobile phone.

One of Doras pain points was that she doesnt like to type on her phone. I understand, it feels slow. Your sales reps might have the same struggles, but how many of them are at a loss for words? We love sales reps - they are usually good at verbalizing anything. So lets use technology to play to their strengths!

We are going to use Siri (or an Android equivalent) to covert speech to text, allowing the rep to record all their activity notes on the spot, the moment they walk out the door, while its fresh in their minds. This dramatically increases the value your company and the rep get out of the meeting or cold call with a rich detailed history, and also makes your adoption fly because its fast, its easy, and allows them to get on to the next prospect.

WindowsiOSAndroidSamsung Galaxy S7, S6, S5Samsung Galaxy Note 4, 10.1Google Nexus 5X, 6PSamsung Tab A 9.7Salesforce1 Tested DevicesiPhone 6S,6S Plus, 6, 6 PlusiPhone 5SiPhone SEiPad ProiPad Air 2iPad AiriPad Mini 4Mobile browser app only:Nokia 1020 for Windows 8.1Lumia 950 for Windows 10Join the Salesforce1 Mobile App Success Community Group for more details.See full details of this documentation.

As Dora is setting up for the demo, I wanted to make a brief nod to the devices listed in our Winter 17 release notes. Be aware, these are the devices we test the mobile app on. Keep this in mind if you have a user struggling are they using an up to date device? I wanted to take a moment to recommend joining the Salesforce1 Mobile App Success Community Group for additional information. Its a great place to ask questions and get support.

Lets Take a Look!

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but if thats true, a demo is worth a hundred thousand.

Switch to demo on SF1.

Thank Y u

Dora accent easy to fix errors, and Siri learns with time