Bridging the gap between industry & institution

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Today one of memorable day for me, Anand Nataraj & Cogzidel Technologies! For a very long time, myself & Anand wants to meet the Students Community and enlighten them on the factors that Industry expects when they step into their Career Zone. And that dream was made into reality today! Our thanks to Sethu Institute of Technology for giving us an opportunity to have a stage to voice out our views! Frankly speaking, I was surprised by the Institute's frankness & honest to announce the gap on the Educational Institute side. And even though I was tough on Educational Institution approach for not upto the speed in grooming the students for Industries, they took it in the right spirit & assured to offer their best possible support. Kudos to the entire management and staff team at Sethu Institute of Technology! And special thank to a ex-Cogzian who has recommended us to the College Authorities about us! Although they didn't reveal his name, my kudos to the unknown person. Now sit back & real our Comic Story! Cartoons are Powered By Cogzidel Cartoon Creatives (CCC) #cogzidel #cogzidel_journey


  • 1. Bridging the gap between Institution & Industry! A Comic Story by Cogzidel!!

2. Hope you enjoyed! Cartoons are powered by Cogzidel Cartoon Creatives(CCC) 3. Get in touch with us!!