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<p>Headlines</p> <p>1CONFIDENTIAL</p> <p>Cash Butler,</p> <p>1</p> <p>What is ClariLegal?A revolutionary cloud-based legal vendor management platform that is transforming the way litigation services are bought, sold, and managed.</p> <p>We help law firms keep existing customers happy and provide a competitive advantage to gain new customers</p> <p>PROCUREMENT2CONFIDENTIALWORKFLOWPROJECT MANAGEMENT</p> <p>2</p> <p>The Problem:CONFIDENTIAL3The litigation/eDiscovery services market is unpredictable, complex and not transparent.</p> <p>As a result, procurement and management of services is expensive, time-consuming, and lacks a common language.</p> <p>The Solution:ClariLegal cloud-based B2B vendor management software facilitates vendor sourcing, bidding, selection and management for litigation services Qualified lead generationLow-cost sales channelAllows for expansion into new markets</p> <p>CorporationseDiscovery VendorsPredictability &amp; ControlLower costHigher quality serviceImproved OutcomesLaw FirmsKeep existing customers happy and gain a competitive edge!</p> <p>4 minute video.</p> <p>Save 20-50% savings on outsourced litigation services spend.</p> <p>Buyers should be on the left and vendors on the right. Payment is success fee of 10%. We will be charging subscriptions down the road and consulting fees as needed. Technology, expertise, network = secret sauce..</p> <p>4</p> <p>How we do it:Proprietary Software Transparency efficiency</p> <p>Expertise Embedded in our software and supported by the ClariLegal team of experts</p> <p>Network Extensive network of vetted vendors </p> <p>CONFIDENTIAL6The ClariLegal PlatformScope JobBid on JobCompare BidsDemo Video Link: http:/</p> <p>Buyer viewBuyer viewSeller view</p> <p>6</p> <p>Keep existing customers happyGain a competitive advantageControl over litigation projectsImproved transparencyCost controlTime savingsImproved qualityLaw Firm Benefits:</p> <p>We saved over 50% of what we normally spent on eDiscovery services. We have required our preferred vendors to join the ClariLegal community. Litigation Partner at AmLaw 100</p> <p>ClariLegal provided a low cost, quality eDiscovery vendor, allowing us to go forward on a contingency case we were about to pass on. We won a seven-figure settlement thanks in part to ClariLegal. Lawyer at Litigation Boutique Firm We built compliant RFP and vendor management processes for sourcing litigation services with ClariLegal. ClariLegal helps us market to and collaborate with our corporate clients. Law Firm Marketing ManagerI am so happy our law firm introduced ClariLegal to us. Collaborating with our law firm in a transparent, proactive manner allowed us to save time and a significant amount of money. GC Internet Company </p> <p>What others are saying:</p> <p>8</p> <p>9CONFIDENTIAL</p> <p>Cash Butler,</p> <p>9</p>