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  • 1. Why Baguio City?? City of Pines PANORAMIC VISTAS Cool Breeze Educational Center of the North One of the highest rate of Land Appreciation TPLEX ongoing Construction (More than 50% completed)

2. Own A Piece of Baguio City at an AFFORDABLE PRICE!! only at 3. Owner and Developer: Exclusive Marketing Agency: IRISVILLE SUBDIVISION PHASE 2 4. Location Map 5. Location Map 6. The project covers a total land area of NINETY SEVEN THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED NINETY (97,890 sq. m.) of which FIFTY- FOUR THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED SIXTY FOUR (54, 464 sq. m.) will cover the subdivision or housing project. 7. 10 Meter Roads Gated Subdivision Automated Gate 24hrs Roaming Guard with CCTVs on Strategic areas Storm Drainage System Roads are provided with curbs and gutters, concrete sidewalks and planting strips wherever applicable Great view of the Mountains and West Philippine Sea Everything you need within easy reach 8. Dining Restaurants Laundry Shops Super Market Wet and Dry Market almost 2 Hectares of space allotted for educational facilities for the children of the community. Everything you need within easy reach 9. Very affordable homes you can choose from Lot Area: Minimum of 202 sqms and maximum of 454 sqms Floor Area: Variable ( depends on your needs) 10. You can purchase Lot only for only P6,000/sqm Lots are spacious with an area ranging from 202 sqms- 454 sqms All have INDIVIDUAL TITLES All are ready for BANK or PAGIBIG Financing 11. SAMPLE COMPUTATION LOT AREA 220 sqms SELLING PRICE P1,540,000.00 RESERVATION P20,000.00 20% DOWNPAYMENT P308,000.00 80% REMAINING BALANCE (less reservation) P1,232,000.00 BANK FINANCING 15 years@11.25% Php14,196.89 20 years@11.5% Php12,926.83 PAGIBIG RATES 15 years @ 10.75% Php13,810.08 30 years @ 12.25% Php12,910.08 12. TRIPLEX UNIT Lot area: 70-80 sqms Floor area: 50 sqms 2 bedrooms Bathroom Dining Area Kitchen Living Area Roof Deck (not yet included in the 50 sqms floor area) 13. OPTION B: TRIPLEX UNIT 14. OPTION B: TRIPLEX UNIT 15. OPTION B: TRIPLEX UNIT LOT AREA 87 sqms FLOOR AREA 50 sqms SELLING PRICE P1,861,333.00 RESERVATION P20,000.00 5% DOWNPAYMENT (less reservation) P73,066.65 AMMORTIZATION of the REMAINING BALANCE (95% Remaining Balance) P1,768,266.35 In House Financing 20 years at 9% Php15,909.55 16. Units are Bungalow type with the following specs: Lot Area: 202- 240 sqms Floor Area: 60 sqms 2 bedrooms Toilet and bath Dining Area Living Area Kitchen Balcony 17. Sample Computation for Bungalow 18. Free Style House and Lot let you choose your own design and layout of plans You can opt for a floor area of: 80 sqms 100 sqms 150 sqms Price Range from P3,540,000-P5,430,000 19. Locations of the designs 20. Site Overview 21. Site Overview 22. Site Overview 23. Site Overview 24. Site Overview 25. Site Overview 26. Site Overview 27. Site Overview 28. Site Overview 29. Site Overview 30. Panoramic View 31. Site Overview 32. Site Overview 33. Site Overview 34. Site Overview 35. Site Overview 36. Site Overview 37. Panoramic View 38. Site Overview 39. Site Overview 40. Site Overview 41. Site Overview 42. Site Overview 43. Site Overview 44. Site Overview 45. Site Overview 46. Site Overview 47. Smart: 0946.454.5495 Globe: 0905.297.4806 Email: Like Us On Facebook: Timons Cabansi Real Estate Sales Person