Mobile Fundraising in-person and at events

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Using WeDidIt's mobile app will increase your fundraising potential, by empowering you and your supporters (staff, donors, volunteers) to fundraise anywhere at anytime. Learn more at


  • 1. WEDIDIT visit our website at 5 Ways to Use WeDidIt Mobile Maximizing your mobile app subscription

2. No hardware required! Take donations anytime, anywhere Safely empower anyone to fundraise Capture and leverage valuable donor data Mobile App 3. How donating works The app process is straightforward and will prompt you through the necessary steps to complete a donation. Note: To enter card number, use the built-in camera scanner or enter card info manually. 4. How Mobile Works 5. 1. Download the App! Have your entire staff & board download this app. 1. Search the App Store for WeDidIt 2. Download the app called WeDidIt Client *currently iOS only Now they can take donations anywhere, anytime 6. Sign in! 3. Open the app 4. Type the email address & password you use to access your WeDidIt account. 7. 4. Select a campaign to support (you should see one titled Support [your organization]. 5. Start taking donations! Note: To log out, restart the app (clicking the home button twice while on the home screen). Fundraise! 8. 2. Have a Competition! Run a week-long staff competition See who can get the most donations. Every contribution provides value The app collects email addresses & donor data (and dollars)! Can you donate $5? I can take your donation from my phone, right here, right now. 9. 3. Encourage events! Wine & Dine ~ Share Fundraising Page ~ Take Mobile Donations Have your board host charity dinner parties and/or happy hours 10. Got an event coming up? Appoint runners! Have staff & volunteers download the app Ask for donations, face-to-face 11. Email your strong supporters encouraging them to download the app and start friendraising. 5. Friendraise! 12. How WeDidIt Helps Personalized campaign page for every fundraiser Fundraising packet for all Ambassadors with tips, tricks, best practices, advice, and email & social media templates. Mobile App access to all Volunteers Email & Live Chat support for all Volunteers Page traffic for all Ambassadors pages when requested Assistance with your campaign 13. Questions? Create your Peer-to-Peer campaign with WeDidIt and Email us at