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  • www.mobiloitte.com

    Personal Running Trainer Fitness App

    With personal running trainer

    application you just have to select the

    distance for e.g. 1 mile, 5K, 10K, Half

    Marathon or Marathon and then listen

    to the professional coaching

    instructions in your own music so as to

    guide you through each and every

    workout to attain your goal. This

    application enables you to schedule

    your workouts automatically and

    allows you to know when to run, when

    to change the pace etc. It is easy to

    understand and it definitely works well.

  • www.mobiloitte.com

    Co-Founder Dating App

    CoFounders Dating App serves the

    purpose of connecting aspiring

    entrepreneurs who have trouble

    finding a co founder/co founders to

    built their startup in areas such as

    programmer, business developer,

    marketer, engineer, etc. The app works

    as a social network which prompts the

    user for good potential co-founder

    nearby based on various parameters

    for assessment and initiates a chat.

  • www.mobiloitte.com

    Dudalina Mobile App

    Fashion Brand Dudalina is an iOS app

    which represents the reputed fashion

    house with the same name. Users can

    access to the entire collection of the

    store through this app. The collection

    can be displayed through two major

    categories, i.e. men and women.

    Those who love to flaunt with trendy

    outfits and accessories will find this

    app to be very valuable.

  • www.mobiloitte.com

    goSnippet App

    goSnippet is a fantastic social

    networking app for iPhone users which

    is created with a prime purpose of

    sharing audio files. Users can create a

    user-id on the app with an image as

    their profile picture and start uploading

    their snippets, i.e. audio files. You can

    either upload an audio clip or record

    through the app itself.

  • www.mobiloitte.com

    FreedomPop App

    FreedomPop Features:

    Track your Broadband Data Usage

    Manage your account

    Integrate your Facebook and Twitter




    Contact list

    Earn data

    Add credit

    Billing transaction details

  • www.mobiloitte.com

    c.omplete.me App

    C.ompete.me is the first matchmaking

    game that you can access from your

    iPhone and this has made online

    dating easy. It is true that women often

    feel irritated when they see their

    message box filled with messages from

    guys they are not willing to hear from.

    Same with men, they often spend

    hours sending emails to girls for dating

    and never get a response. So, how can

    you find a partner who is equally

    interested in you?

  • www.mobiloitte.com

    Streetbid App

    Now, small business owners can send

    direct, unique, laser focused and highly

    personalized mail postcards to

    potential customers with their iPad by

    using Street Bidder software app.


    Easy-to-capture New StreetBid

    Send postcards to selected people

    Card Tracking.

    Map Overlay

    Statistic View

    Bid feature

  • www.mobiloitte.com

    Bezorgbeer App

    With the Bezorgbeer app, a

    smartphone user can quickly generate

    map of the nearest Bezorgbeer

    restaurants based on his current

    location and with just few taps order

    his favorite menu and pay online, all

    from a smartphone device. With the

    Bezorgbeer app, a smartphone user

    can quickly generate map of the

    nearest Bezorgbeer restaurants based

    on his current location and with just

    few taps order his favorite menu and

    pay online, all from a smartphone


  • www.mobiloitte.com

    GEO-TRIO Tour Player App

    This application allows the user to play

    tours created by any other applications

    and with this the user can easily trace

    the exact location on the map, check

    the routes with stops and hear audio

    that is created for stops in tour. The

    application is integrated with

    Facebooks APIs and Twitter users can

    also advertise some popular tours and

    can ask the Facebook users about the

    same by posting the link on the wall.

  • www.mobiloitte.com

    Notiflier App

    notiFLIER is an iOS app which can be

    used to be updated about all the

    events, activities and other such

    happenings which happen around

    you. Whether you want to play

    football, study or visit a concert; the

    app can tell you about the schedules

    of all the upcoming events. You can

    also intimate others about your plans

    through the app.

  • www.mobiloitte.com

    Launch Silicon Valley App

    Launch your product in front of

    global audience of Silicon Valleys top

    Venture Capitalists, corporate

    business development executives,

    Angels, prospective customers,

    partners, media and blogger with this

    high-end software app. media.

  • www.mobiloitte.com

    Getwithit App

    GetWithIt is event broadcasting social

    networking app that cuts out the

    clutter of the usual social media

    experience by connecting you directly

    with events that are meaningful to


    Share the photos you take at events

    in a simple photo stream for friends

    to see. Photos you take at private

    events will only be displayed to those

    who were invited, whereas photos

    uploaded to public events can be

    seen by the public. Every day that you

    open up GetWithIt, you will be able to

    see new events from your closest

    friends as well as your community.

  • www.mobiloitte.com

    PADXL App

    PadMan is a very simple app to use in

    which you have a virtual partner

    holding up a set of punching pads in

    front for you to strike when

    highlighted in yellow. PadMan is ideal

    for anyone wanting to keep fit and

    learn some boxing skills. The areas of

    improvement will be your Movement,

    Balance, Reflex, Speed, Memory and

    Co- Ordination. Simply set the

    Rounds, how many Minutes and what

    Punches you want to work with and

    wait for the Bell and follow along.

  • www.mobiloitte.com

    Bens Friends App

    Bens Friends is a daily app

    competition where the picture or

    video with the most votes wins $100

    for that day. Note some of the

    features of Bens Friend:

    Top Ranked picture or video from

    each day wins $100.00

    Simple to enter take a picture or

    video, or upload one from your


    Vote on any picture or video

    Share with friends via Facebook,

    Twitter, and Email

    Login securely with one click using


    Videos are up to fifteen (15)

    seconds long

    Brand new competition each day

  • www.mobiloitte.com

    Miami Dolphins Social App

    Are you a hard core fan of Miami

    Dolphins? Here is a chance to show

    that. Track all the news for the Miami

    Dolphins including updates from top

    columnists, bloggers, players, and the

    team itself. Dolphins Social includes

    content from top social networks and

    websites all organized around your

    favorite subject, the Miami Dolphins!

    Keep in sync with all Dolphins activity

    with this one app.

  • www.mobiloitte.com

    iGiveaway App

    iGiveAway is an app which provides a

    unique platform to promote their iOS

    apps. Making a good app is not all

    thats required to make it a grand

    success; you also need to promote it

    aggressively. This app makes it sure

    that your iOS app is being properly

    visible to proposed users. iGiveAway

    has a customer base of more than

    600,000 people which is being used

    very effectively for introduction and

    promotion of various iOS apps.

  • www.mobiloitte.com

    Carmatic App

    Are you a car enthusiast? Do you

    want to give your car a worldwide

    recognition? If yes, Carmatic

    application is there for you. Carmatic

    App is a social networking app that

    allows users to upload and browse

    thousands of photos as well as car

    videos from anywhere. Whether you

    are a lover of exotic car or street or

    racing cars, you can get all updates in

    no time by joining Carmatic car show

    and sharing your favorites. Even if

    you have a business, you can easily

    promote an event and gather new fan

    base and see your business grow.

  • www.mobiloitte.com

    Timesheet Mobile App

    This application includes a mobile

    phone clock in/out, real time syncing,

    GPS and mapping features and

    reporting. The timesheet mobile

    application is specially preferred for

    keeping a track of the time of the

    employees and with it the employee

    location can also be traced. This

    application is suitable for builders

    contractors, healthcare organizations,

    security, transportations, event

    planners and all other fields with

    mobile employees.

  • www.mobiloitte.com

    The Wod App

    The Wod App exposed you to world-

    class programming that