Product Release Webinar- WSO2 Developer Studio 3.5

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<p>Last Updated: Jan. 2014 </p> <p>Associate Technical Lead </p> <p>Harshana Mar)n </p> <p>WSO2 Developer Studio 3.5.0 </p> <p>Jasintha Dasanayake </p> <p>So1ware Engineer </p> <p>* * </p> <p>About the Presenter(s) </p> <p> Harshana Mar6n Associate Technical Lead </p> <p>* * </p> <p>About the Presenter(s) </p> <p> Jasintha Dasanayake SoDware Engineer </p> <p>* * </p> <p>About WSO2 Global enterprise, founded in </p> <p>2005 by acknowledged leaders in XML, web services technologies, standards and open source </p> <p> Provides only open source plaNorm-as-a-service for private, public and hybrid cloud deployments </p> <p> All WSO2 products are 100% open source and released under the Apache License Version 2.0. </p> <p> Is an Ac6ve Member of OASIS, Cloud Security Alliance, OSGi Alliance, AMQP Working Group, OpenID Founda6on and W3C. </p> <p> Driven by Innova6on </p> <p> Launched rst open source API Management solu6on in 2012 </p> <p> Launched App Factory in 2Q 2013 </p> <p> Launched Enterprise Store and rst open source Mobile solu6on in 4Q 2013 </p> <p>* * </p> <p>What we Deliver </p> <p>* * </p> <p>Business Model </p> <p>* </p> <p>WSO2 Developer Studio &amp; WSO2 Carbon </p> <p>* </p> <p>Why Developer Studio? </p> <p> Integrated development for your SOA projects Develop, deploy, debug &amp; test using one interface Access to mul6ple resources that you require in development using </p> <p>one stop shop interface </p> <p>o E.g. Registry Browser </p> <p> Visual tools, reverse engineering tools to help you to be produc6ve and ecient </p> <p> Development for both on-premise and cloud infrastructures are the same </p> <p> Help with development governance Use for AppFactory development </p> <p>* </p> <p>Developer Studio Tools </p> <p> ESB Editor, graphical too, with reverse engineering capabili6es Governance Registry Tools, to browse, create and edit service meta data Data Services Editor, from data to services in quick 6me Integra6ng </p> <p>o Eclipse BPEL editor tools, business process design </p> <p>o JBoss Smooks editor, visual data transforma6ons </p> <p> Composite-Applica6ons support Combine mul6ple ar6facts into one logical project deployed across mul6ple services </p> <p>with dierent roles </p> <p> Maven based build model, to help with automated con6nuous builds and integra6on </p> <p>* </p> <p>Comprehensive Maven Integra)on Every ar6fact is a maven project. Con6nuous build and integra6ons automa6on Development governance </p> <p>Artifact Artifact type in to maven repo </p> <p>Proxy Service xml </p> <p>Endpoint xml </p> <p>Axis2 Service aar </p> <p>C-App car </p> <p>* </p> <p>Composite Applica)on (C-App) </p> <p>* </p> <p>Composite Applica)on (C-App) </p> <p>Composite Application is an Aggregator Project for deployable items such as Axis2 services, ESB configurations, web apps etc. </p> <p>Analogy Java project </p> <p>* </p> <p>Composite Applica)on (C-App) </p> <p>* </p> <p>C-App Ar)fact </p> <p>* </p> <p>C-App Ar)fact Dashboard </p> <p>* </p> <p>C-App Ar)facts </p> <p>* </p> <p>WSO2 Developer Studio - One Stop Tooling PlaSorm </p> <p> Develop </p> <p>Deploy </p> <p>Debug </p> <p>Test </p> <p>Both on Premise and on Cloud </p> <p>* </p> <p>Develop </p> <p> Can create all kinds of SOA Applications </p> <p> Being a Java IDE </p> <p> Content Assist </p> <p> Rich Editors and Views </p> <p>* </p> <p>Develop </p> <p>* </p> <p>ESB Graphical Composi)on Tool </p> <p>* </p> <p>WSO2 ESB Connector Framework </p> <p>* </p> <p>Applying security via QoS </p> <p>* </p> <p>Registry Integra)on </p> <p>* </p> <p>WSO2 App Factory Perspec)ve </p> <p> Application Content </p> <p>Application repositories </p> <p>Application logs </p> <p>Application details </p> <p>* </p> <p>Deploy Support for all the servers in product stack </p> <p> Local Carbon Servers (Carbon 4.x.x, Carbon 3.2.x, Carbon 3.0.x, etc) </p> <p> Remote Carbon Servers (Carbon 4.x.x, Carbon 3.2.x, Carbon 3.0.x, etc) </p> <p> StratosLive PaaS </p> <p>Provide unified way to add servers and deploy C-Apps </p> <p>Deploy to Local/Remote/Stratos PaaS using Apache Maven based Deploy plugin </p> <p>* </p> <p>Deploy </p> <p>* </p> <p>Deploy </p> <p>* </p> <p>Deploy </p> <p>* </p> <p>Deploy </p> <p>* </p> <p>Debug &amp; Test </p> <p>Server Hot Update Start Servers with OSGi console enable Redeploy Debug Applications </p> <p>* </p> <p>Debug &amp; Test </p> <p>* </p> <p>Debug &amp; Test </p> <p>* </p> <p>Debug &amp; Test </p> <p>* </p> <p>Debug &amp; Test </p> <p>* </p> <p>Embedded Popular Tes)ng Tools </p> <p>SOAPUI </p> <p>TCPMon </p> <p>* </p> <p>Deployment Model </p> <p>Packaging As a Composite Application aRchive (CAR) </p> <p>* </p> <p>Deployment Model </p> <p>Server Types </p> <p>* </p> <p>External References Management </p> <p>Use to manage External references </p> <p>Dev </p> <p>QA </p> <p>Staging/Prod </p> <p>* </p> <p>Collabora)ve SoYware Development </p> <p> Cross Platform Multi User project </p> <p>* </p> <p>Samples </p> <p>* </p> <p>Licensing </p> <p>Apache 2.0 Software License </p> <p>* </p> <p>Coming Soon: </p> <p> Completion of Visual Data Mapper , ESB Cloud Connector Framework </p> <p> Generic Store View </p> <p>* </p> <p>Wrap-Up One Stop Tooling Platform </p> <p> Support to develop End to End SOA Applications to run on Premise and on Cloud </p> <p> Easy to Use and familiar IDE experience </p> <p> Support as an Eclipse Plugin </p> <p> Eclipse + Developer Studio + 3rd Party Plugins </p> <p> Cross platform collaborative development </p> <p>* </p> <p>Q/A </p> <p>* * </p> <p>Call to ac)on page </p> <p> WSO2 Developer Studio 3.5.0 hdp:// hdp:// </p> <p> WSO2 Developer Studio Documenta6on hdp:// </p> <p> Eclipse Juno SR2 Java EE hdp:// </p> <p> WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus 4.8.0 hdp:// </p>