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The Security Segment on TechWiseTV episode 62 features an interactive presentation with Nirav Mehta, these are his supporting slides.

Text of RSA For Vblock

  • 1. Nirav Mehta RSA Security Solutions for Vblock

2. RSA SecurID authentication Available Now

  • VMware View
    • Desktop virtualization brings cost and security benefits; RSA strengthens the security further
    • RSA SecurID authentication secures access to the portal through which virtual desktops are accessed remotely
  • VMware vSphere (ESX)
    • Proper administrative access control to the virtual infrastructure is vital
    • RSA SecurID secures administrative access to ESX and vSphere Management Assistant

Authentication Manager 3. RSA enVision monitoring of virtual Infrastructure Available Now 4. RSA Solution for VMware ViewAvailable Now RSA SecurID for remoteauthentication RSA DLP forprotection of datain use Ionix SCM forsecurity config and patchmanagementRSA enVisionforsecurity monitoringand reporting RSA SecurID forESXService Console 5. RSA Solution for VMware View Available Now

      • RSA Solutions
        • Multi-product solutions
        • Validated in the RSA Solutions Center
      • RSA SecurBooks
        • Solution guides for planning, deploying, and administering RSA solutions.

we don't usually do this as part of our briefings, but I must say I looked at the SecurBooks and was very surprised with the level of detail and material in there. Lots of screen shots and other materials I wasn't expecting. Very nicely done. Excellent resource. - Gartner Analyst, December 2009 6.

  • Enables incremental scaling with predictable performance, capability & facilities impact
  • Best of breed technologies
    • Compute: Cisco UCS
    • Network: Cisco Nexus family, Cisco MDS 9000 series
    • Storage: EMC Symmetrix V-Max or EMC Unified Storage (Celerra and CLARiiON)
    • Hypervisor: VMware vSphere 4
    • Management: Cisco UCS Manager, EMC Ionix Unified Infrastructure Manager, VMware vCenter
    • Security: RSA

Vblock Infrastructure PackagesModular, Standardized, Predictable 7. RSAs Approach to Securing Vblock Applications 1) Secure thecore Vblockplatform(VMware, Cisco,EMC components) 2) Secureeach applicationvalidated withVblock (e.g., VMware View,SAP) Central SecurityManagementand Reporting 8. 1. Secure the Core Vblock Platform Available Now

  • Secure Administrative User Access
  • RSASecurID authentication for:
    • ESX Service Console
    • vSphere Management Assistant
  • Security Monitoring & Reporting
  • RSA enVision monitoring for:
    • vSphere
    • EMC Symmetrix and CLARiiON storage
    • Cisco UCS

9. 2. Secure VMware View on Vblock Available Now


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