Social Media Breakfast #6 Montreal 2011

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Social Media has turned the world of publishing on its head. In this session, we will explore how publishers can use SEO and Social Media tools to : (1) better promote their content, (2) grow and maintain their audiences, (3) refine their content strategy and (4) develop new revenue opportunities.


  • Enterprise SEO for Social PublishersSocial Media BreakfastJan. 19, 2011

  • Who Am I? Agency Hack @nvi Staff Editor @revenews Netizen @gypsybandito

  • Publishing Goals Audience / Page Views Subscribers / Users Ad Revenues / Leads

  • Publishing Challenges Acquisition Conversion Retention

  • Online Strategies Search Engine Optimization Acquisition Conversionk Social Acquisition Conversion Retention

  • SEO for Publishers Indexation(Basic) Duplicate Content (Intermediate) Restricted Content (Advanced)

  • Indexation Page Titles Insert 65 Characters Meta Descriptions
  • Page Titles

  • Meta Descriptions

  • Title / Descriptions Index Categories Articles / Posts Pages

  • Duplicate Content Index vs Articles Categories Tags

  • Duplicate Content Titles & Meta Descriptions Excerpts on Index Page Unique Static Content NoIndex / NoFollow

  • Excerpts

  • Static Content

  • NoIndex / NoFollow Categories Tags Author Day / Month / Year Sub Pages (e.g. Privacy Policy)

  • NoIndex / NoFollow Categories Tags Author Day / Month / Year Sub Pages (e.g. Privacy Policy)

  • NoIndex / NoFollow

    NoIndexBlog Name


  • Robots.txtUser-agent: * Disallow: /tags/ Disallow: /archives/ Disallow: /author/ Disallow: /etc/

  • Restricted Content Pro User Acquisition Con SEO Con Conversion

  • The Walled Garden

  • Times & Sunday Times June 2010: Paywall Erected Nov 2010: Traffic collapsed by 90% Uniques drop from 3M to 200K


  • First Click FreekTo include highly relevant content in Google's search index.

    To provide promotion and discovery for pulishers with restricted content.

  • First Click Free Let in Google Google Indexes Restricted Content Users get First Click Free Additional access requires registration Limited to 5 clicks per user per day

  • The Public Park

  • Case Study: WebMD Property Registration Wall Model (Free) Implemented FCF in July 2009 Registrations > Doubled in 1 Week Registrations Remained Constant

  • Social for Publishers Social SEO / Syndication Social Conversion Social Intelligence

  • Social SEO - Promotion Social News Sites Digg, StumbleUpon Reddit, Propeller, Mixx, etck Content Strategy Target Audience Custom Content

  • Case Study: Sherweb Hosting Company Facebook Etiquette Blog Post > 20,000 Uniques in 48 hours > 58,000 Uniques over 1 Month PageRank 3

  • Social SEO - Widgets Off-Site Syndication Referrals Brand Awareness Backlinks

  • Case Study: Club Med Embeddable Widget 4 Styles / 9 Content Categories Install for Chance to Win Vacation > 50 Blogs Installed Widget

  • Social Conversion Network Syndication One-Click Sharing

    Engagement / Conversion Single Logink User Data

  • Network Syndication

  • User Data

    FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogleYahoo!NameXXXXXEmailXXXNicknameXXXPhotoXXXXXProfile URLXXXXXBirthdayXXXGenderXXLocaitonXXXXXSocial GraphXXXXXMoreXXXX

  • Facebook Connect

  • Facebook Connect Registration & Login Access Real User Data

    User Experience Like Button, Share This, etck Open Graph

  • Facebook Connect

  • Facebook Connect Lollapalooza: 99% morePage Views Gawker: 45% increase in registrations week over week Joost: 30% more videos,15% more comments, and 38% more friend invites.-- Source: Facebook

  • Social Intelligence Content Strategy Ad Sales New Revenue

  • Questions?CT

    *SEO & Social Media Roadmap for Online Publishers newspapers, bloggers, etc * Want people to see your content Returns users Monetize that content short-term and/or long-term* Want people to see your content Returns users Monetize that content short-term and/or long-term* Acquisition: getting eye-balls on your content Conversion: making them into subscribers preferably registered Retention: understanding who those users are and what content theyre consuming** Indexation: all content is discoverable DP: SEs know where your content hierarchy belongs Restricted: not giving all you content away for FREE youre getting something in return*Users dont see these, only SEs Title: Main KWs to rank for Description: added KW density; descriptive call to action*Tells SEs and Users what content is Browser bar browswer tab SERP title* Elaborate on content for Ses CTA for users

    *Index: Vast & Shallow Widest appeal to your sites target audienceCategories: Topical KWs e.g business & finance newsPosts: Title different HeadlinePages: About, Contact, etc*Actual On Page Challenge: Dynamic Content multi-category content Usability v.s. SEO*1) Title & Meta Descriptions non-duplicate SE results2) Excerpts: difference between index/category pages and actual post3) Start each page with something special4) Block SEs from redundant content prevent confusion & penaltiesFull posts appear only on post page.**H1 Tag Concise Page TitleParagraph Elaborate Meta-Description*Categories = Core Taxonomy (need optimized Title & Meta)Tags = Ad Hoc (ever expanding) Navigation & Usability (dont need optimized Title & Meta)Author Archives for multiple authors, have unique Titles, Descriptions, Bio, and Excerpts enabledDate Archives Navigation & Usability *NoIndex: for pages/sections that have duplicate contentNoFollow: for links to pages you dont want indexed -- WP Admin, RSS, etc*With a Theme/Plugin, you can do it page by page. But if your dont, ROBOTS.TXTDoesnt keep out all bots!!!**Up to 5 Clicks/day******** Audience: right social news site Content Strategy: reconciling branded content** Single Login for FCF Personal User Data***** Create more content that users like Show Advertisers Demographics Proactively Target Advertisers Discover New Promotional Niches*