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    By Asra Khan

  • Why Twitter?

    Instant customer care

    Strengthening the brand and PR

    Promotion of the events and launches

    Initial market research

    Lead generation

  • 5 Tips to get more business through Twitter

    So how to make full use of Twitter? Follow these easy steps togrow your business as well as your network.

    You might be using Twitter but getting business out of it can belittle more difficult.

    If you want to use Social Media for business and Twitter is onthe list, following are the points you must take heed of.

  • 1. Optimise and Integrate

    Optimise your profile: Start with getting yourself a nice displaypicture. You can even customise the background.

    Use the left hand side column to your advantage. You can putyou logo, website and contact details.

    Use the Bio sections as an elevator pitch. You can also get atagline of your company and links to your website, blog etc in this


    Once youve your profile all set up, integrate it with your website,Facebook page, Blog etc.

  • 2. Listen and Monitor

    Once you are on Twitter, the first step should be to listen beforeyou start joining the conversations.

    Search for relevant keywords and you should get a list of peoplewho are talking about your business or your industry.

    Reputation Management: Follow up and act immediately in caseof a negative tweet.

    Answer Questions: Treat it as an instant customer care servicethat can really strengthen your brand.

  • 3. Develop Relationships

    Join in the relevant conversations and be chatty. Instead of justposting links on Twitter, try to interact with your followers as well.

    Develop a nice mix of what you would like to tweetabout. Industry trends, market news will attract relevant people.

    Tweet 3-5 times a day but make sure to keep your postsinteresting and relevant to your target audience.

    Follow influencers and try to get them say good things aboutyour brand. You can look for influencers in your field

    through Tweet Grader.

  • 4. Retweet and Favourite Tweets

    Retweet (RT) your followers tweets. And if someone elseretweets your tweet, make it a point to thank them for it.

    Make it a point to RT any tweet which is positive about yourcompany: That way more people will get to see what good things

    are being said about you.

    Also, remember to Favourite all the positive reviews you get.

    Gradually youll develop a good list of positive tweets in yourFavourite tab. You can then post that link on your website or blog

    as a list of Testimonials.

  • 5. Search smartly

    Use these search operators

    that can really

    save you a lot

    of time and

    effort in making

    sense of


  • Need Help?

    Use these tips to get some business through Twitter but keepyour Social Media strategy consistent, integrated and focussed.

    Hire a Social Media Manager if you dont have time to do ityourself. Though Social Media is free, it is very time consuming.

    Or get in touch with us if you are after a professional DigitalMarketing strategy. We can design a strategy that suits your

    purpose, train your staff to execute it or manage your entire social

    media for you.

    And no it doesnt cost the Earth!

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