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  • Enterprise Overview

    2015 3SIXTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES, LLC 110/21/2015

  • Leadership Team

    Senior Partner, Rocky Romanella is an experienced CEO, director, keynote speaker, advisor, and expert in cultural integration, Operations and Engineering. His 36-year UPS career included responsibilities in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Latin America and South America, leading UPS's entry into the healthcare industry as part of their supply chain logistics strategy, and launching one of the

    largest rebranding initiatives in franchising history, The UPS Store.

    Strategy & Marketing, Ed Pykes extensive experience draws upon Marketing and Retail Product Development, along with Operations and Sales. Ed knows how to translate an idea in the cloud to make it work for the feet on the street through expert

    market analysis.

    Communications, Chris Micolucci believes each organization has a unique culture and brand, and digs deep to promote these attributes to constituents to drive growth and productivity, employee retention and customer loyalty.

    Business Development, Tim Shaws strategic and creative problem-solving approach has generated consistent and profitable growth in hyper-competitive markets. He understands and has performed in the government sector, and specializes in quickly assessing and

    improving sales performance for firms selling into any verticals or geographies.

    Business Development, Vince Scarfo has an energy that is contagious and an inclusive style that promotes innovation to foster the best out of teams, while maintaining laser-focus on revenue generation. He helps clients view themselves through the eyes of their

    customers and uses his six sigma training to drive process improvements.

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  • We Align Strategy for Sustainable


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  • Experts In Execution & Process Improvement





    Operations, Supply Chain & Logistics

    Finance and Accounting

    Thought Leadership

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  • We Aim to Optimize

    Your Business Quickly

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  • Engagement Process

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    Begin execution

    Agree to terms &


    Develop 30-60-90

    action plan & timeline

    Define scope of


    Complete Assessment

  • 3SIXTY Management Services

    Thank you for the opportunity to optimize your



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