7 Ways to Promote Your Online Store

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Feeling like you're running out of ideas for promoting your online store? No worries, we have 7 helpful tips for you!


<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>PROMOTE YOUR ONLINE STOREWAYS TO7TRADE ONLYSo, how do I PROMOTE my online store?7WaysWELL, HERE ARE1ANSWERFAQsPinpoint your customers most frequented questions, and answer them CREATIVELY!Pick the most common questions!NO NEED TO ANSWER EVERY ONEJust have fun answering them!2GET TOPinningGotPRODUCTS?GREAT.</p> <p>Pin them!ALL OF THEMMake as many boards as you want.TOPIC BOARDS,COLORBOARDS,GROUPBOARDSOH MY!3REVIEW PRODUCTSWith VideoVIDEOA Quick Product VideoCOULD SAVE THE DAY.Boost your rankPLEASE YOUR CUSTOMERSIncrease seoPretty much just kill it.4DISTRIBUTENewsletters</p> <p>Tell your customers whats new, whats up, and what you can give THEM.DONT SPAM!SERIOUSLYIts bad news.</p> <p>5&amp; ContestsSWEEPSTAKESContests.PEOPLE LOVE CONTESTS.Be creative!HAVE EXTRA PRODUCT?GIVE IT AWAY.But Make em earn it.6HOW TOVideosSHOW PEOPLE JUSThow GREATYOUR PRODUCT IS.NO GREEN SCREEN NEEDEDJUST A COMPUTER CAMAnd your pretty self.7KEEP UPYour BlogWritingCAN BE YOUR BEST FRIENDIf you open your heart to itTHE MORE YOU BLOGThe more you increase your SEOThe moral of the story:BLOG ABOUT EVERYTHING (Within reason)</p> <p>@TradeOnlyUSAwww.tradeonly.comTrade Only Inc.</p>