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Blue Ocean Strategy Corporate Training Program

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StrategizeBlue’s Corporate Training Program offers comprehensive training for your executives, senior and middle managers to understand and apply Blue Ocean Strategy to their work problems. It prepares them to create Blue Oceans of profitable growth for your organization.

Text of Blue Ocean Strategy Corporate Training Program

  • 1. Blue Ocean StrategyCorporate Training Program
    • Make Your Competition Irrelevant

2. What isBlue Ocean Strategy ?

  • BOSis the best-selling book thatlaunched a worldwide revolution inBusiness Strategy.
  • Instead of trying to beat the competition,BOSfocuses on making itirrelevant by creating uncontested marketspaces.
  • BOSis the strategic alignment of Value, Profit and People Propositions to systematically maximize opportunities while minimizing risks.
  • BOSis the result of a decade long study of 150 strategic moves spanning more than 30 industries over 100 years (1880-2000)
  • BOSoffers a set of methodologies, tools and frameworks that makes it astructured,learnable system.
  • BOScovers both strategy formulation and strategy execution
  • The three key conceptual building blocks ofBOSare: value innovation, tipping point leadership and fair process

3. CorporateTraining Program

  • OurCorporate Training Programoffers comprehensive training for your executives, senior and middle managers to understand and applyBlue Ocean Strategyprinciples to their work problems.
  • It prepares them to createBlue Oceans of profitable growthfor your organization
  • The program is fullycustomizedwith relevant case studies and scenario exercises to ensure most effective learning and application.
  • We offerconvenient and flexible optionsto fit your organizational needs, scheduling requirements and budget.

4. Whatthe participantsLearn ?

  • How torecognize limitationsof their existing approach to growth and profitability?
  • How to regeneratenew strategic growth?
  • How to drivecosts downwhile simultaneouslydriving value up?
  • How to identify non-customers andconvert them into customers?
  • How to apply thepractical toolsandframeworksofBlue Ocean Strategy?
  • How to formulate and successfully implementBlue Ocean Strategy?

5. How does the OrganizationBenefit ?

  • Moving from Productivity Management to Creativity Management to achieve sustainable profitable growth in the future
  • Building a creative management team thatis ready to make competition irrelevant for your organization
  • Eliminating and Reducing redundant costs from your system while creating new value for your customers and stakeholders
  • Reconstructing your industry boundaries to create new demand for your products and services

6. How the Program isStructured ?

  • Strategize Blues Corporate Training Program is based on six sessions that are structured around thesix defining principles of Blue Ocean Strategy . These principles train executives to systematically identify and addresssix risksinherent to every strategic planning initiative. These are Planning Risk, Search Risk, Scale Risk, Business Model Risk, Organizational and Management risks.
  • Participants attend six half-day (3 hours) sessions that can be conducted on consecutive days or can be paced a week or a month apart.
  • The sessions can be conducted In-House at client premises, ata Third-PartyLocation or Online.
  • The sessions involve situational exercises, case-studies and group and individual activities designed to ensure not only the participants grasp of the materials, but their ability to practically apply it to their problems.

7. Program Overview

  • Session 1:UnderstandingBlue Ocean Strategy
  • Session 2:Minimizing Planning Risk by Focusing on the Big Picture
  • Session 3:Minimizing Search Risk by Reconstructing Market Boundaries
  • Session 4:Minimizing Scale Risk by Reaching Beyond Existing Demand
  • Session 5:Minimizing Business Risk by Getting the Strategic Sequence Right
  • Session6:Minimizing Organizational & Management Risks by BuildingExecution into Strategy

8. Session 1: UnderstandingBlue Ocean Strategy

      • The first session focuses on;
      • Creativity vs. Productivity.Can Creativity be taught?
      • The strategic logic of creating Blue Oceans
      • Blue Ocean Strategy vs. Competition based strategies
      • Blue Ocean Strategy vs. Innovation
      • The systematic process and methodology of formulating and executing Blue Ocean Strategy.
      • Case-based approach is used to discuss real examples of companies that made competition irrelevant by creating Blue Oceans to elicit the main strategic logic of Blue Ocean Strategy.


  • This session focuses on identifying and minimizing the planning risk by introducing visual big-picture tools ofBlue Ocean Strategy .
  • Participants learn to;
  • Draw the As-Is Strategy Canvas to understand the current strategic landscape
  • Use the Pioneers- Migrators- Settlers Map to identify where to start applyingBlue Ocean Strategy
  • Understandthe 4-Step Visualization Process to formulateBlue Ocean Strategy
  • Understand Four Actions Framework and Eliminate-Reduce-Raise-Create Grid to plot the to-be strategy canvases

Session 2:Minimizing Planning Risk by Focusing onthe Big Picture 10. Session 3: Minimizing Search Riskby Reconstructing Market Boundaries

  • Participants learn to address the Search Risk many companies struggle with. The challenge is to successfully identify, out of the haystack of possibilities that exist, commercially compellingblue ocean opportunities .
  • By applying theSix Paths Framework , they learn to reconstruct conventional boundaries of competition by systematically looking across;
  • alternative Industries
  • strategic groups
  • buyer groups
  • complementary product and service offerings
  • functional-emotional orientations
  • Time

11. Session 4: Minimizing Scale Risk by Reaching Beyond Existing Demand

  • To aggregate the greatest demand for their new offering , participantslearn to attenuate scale riskby;
  • Understanding customers, noncustomers and buyers
  • Identifying the three tiersof noncustomers and their characteristics
  • Focusing on commonalities among buyers instead of differences in specific needs
  • Achieving desegmentation instead of pursuing segmentation

12. Session 5: Minimize Business Model RiskGetting the Sequence Right

  • In this session, participants learn to build a robust business model to ensure thecommercial viabilityof their blue ocean ideas.Understanding theright strategic sequence of creating Blue Oceansthey learn to assess blue ocean ideas along the key criteria in that sequence.They learn to apply;
  • The buyer utility Map
  • Price Corridor of the Mass
  • Profit Model of Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Blue Ocean Idea Index

13. Session 6: Minimizing Organizational & Management Risks by Building Execution into Strategy

  • This session addressesstrategy implementation and execution challenges . A well formulated strategy if not executed properly is no good. Participants learn ;
  • How to identify the four major organizational hurdles i.e. cognitive, resource, motivational and political hurdles.
  • Applying Tipping Point Leadership to systematically address the organizational hurdles
  • Applying the three E -Principles of Fair Process to inspire voluntary participation among the team members

14. Blue Ocean Strategyin Action

  • InsideNintendowe call our strategyBlue Ocean.Yes, those whove always played games are still playing, but weve got people whove never played to start loving it.
  • Perrin Kaplan, Forbes Interview
  • Has been selling at the rate of one unit per second since its launch on 19 thNovember 2006
  • While Sony loses $240-300 on each Playstation 3 sold. Nintendo makes $50 on ever unit
  • Became one of Japans top 10 companies for the first time in 2007

15. Aboutthe Trainer

  • The training sessions are led byDr. Zunaira Munir .
  • She is aSenior Memberof theGlobal Blue Ocean Strategy Networkand works directly under Professors Kim and Mauborgne (Founders of Blue Ocean Strategy) on various Blue Ocean Strategy projects and initiatives worldwide.
  • With a Client list that reads Whos who in Business, she trains organizations that are eager to grow and willing to innovate.

16. OurClients 17. Contact Us Today to find out more

  • Phone:+1-858-324-1997
  • Web :
  • Mail:10360 Sorrento Valley Road Suite C
  • San Diego, California 92121 USA

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