Connecting brands with consumers via digital

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How is online integrated to our everyday life?How are agencies a;emp>ng to connect with consumers online?How can they create a deeper connec>on?


When adopted, digital becomes the primary media channel for consumers (Digital life)

QUESTION 1 How is online integrated to our everyday life?

Online is integrated to our life through 5 main ac>vi>es

Social NetworkingSearchShoppingEntertainmentOrganizing

Various channels and devices integrate these ac>vi>es in our oine world

The Internet is everywhere but not everywhere in the same way Ien Ang

Example: the mobile

While the PC is completely divorced from the physical world, mobile brings the power of the Internet into the real world in real Mme

(The Mobile Playbook)

The mobile is an extension of the online live people keep on their PCsConsumer needs can be met immediately

New technologies and plaQorms take this integra>on one step further...

Example: Loca>on Based Services allow even more personalized and real->me interac>ons

QUESTION 2:How are agencies a;emp>ng to connect

with consumers online?

Consumer behavior analysis is broken down into silos

So marke>ng eorts are siloed also Silos spurred because of the increasing complexity of media


But silos do not correspond to consumer reality where online ac>vi>es are part of an ec(h)osystem

Online ac>vi>es are all linked together into a bigger picture This convergence blurs the line between online and oine worlds

Agencies need to address this ecosystem reality

Beware of consumer disappointmentCreate consumer engagement by connec>ng at each touch point

Their solu>on: transmedia marke>ng

But what is transmedia?

Brands do not want to just distribute uniform content across all channels

This will interrupt the online conversa>on and spur nega>ve reac>ons

They want to distribute personalized content across relevant channels...

By telling a story with each chapter tailored to the channel and the user

...and want consumers to interact with it

Give users the ability to interact with the content - not just consume it (AdAge)

Passive consumers juste consume the storyAc>ve consumers unlock it and really connect with the brand

Example of transmedia storytelling

Canon EOS Photochains Leo BurneA, Sydney. Won Grand Prix for Media, Cannes Lions 2010.


How can agencies improve their connection with consumers online?

There is no point in making adverMsing that is beVer than other adverMsing: that is not your compeMtor for peoples Mme (AdAge)

Online adver>sing does not only compete with other brand messages but with every other piece of digital content and experience available


So how do you capture consumer a;en>on so that they want to engage?

Providing solu>ons to challenges: making life easier Allowing fullling experiences: making life richer

Adding value to consumers lives:

Help your consumers

Through solu>ons to challenges they face Through an intui>ve interface

Online experiences can be less enriching than real ones

Online experiences are essenMally a simulacrum of reality - a re-creaMon on a glowing at screen of the three-dimensional, natural world and that something was being lost in the translaMon. ABC News ar>cle

Brands can provide more human-centered experiences.

Not making humans become more technological but making technology a bit more human Ted Talk, Fabian Hemmert

Mul>-sensory branding triggers a much deeper connec>on

Over the next few years, expect to see more examples of mulMsensory branding as companies nd new ways to push boundaries and sMmulate and connect with consumers. AdAge

Provide a life-enriching digital experience:

OVERVIEWOnline is integrated to our life through various ac>vi>es, devices and technologies

AGENCY RESPONSE Transmedia storytelling addresses the ecosystem consumer reality

FURTHER IMPROVINGAdding value to consumers lives PuOng the human experience at the center to trigger deep emo>onal connec>on