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  • Hip Hop Poems of 2010By Jason Gould

  • ContentsMy Pet Poetry Inner meaningBig SisWhere Im from

  • My PetMy petWake up in the morning to meowsTheyrub my kneesI feed them they continue to meowTheyre my kitties that I loveThey lay on top of mepur, pur, purI feed them againthey make me feel so goodWhen I'm around them I feel luckyMy day isbetter when I'm with my kitties

  • Poetry Inner MeaningWhat is poetry?Poetry is different for all peopleFor somea artFor others there lifeFor me a way to express my feelingsIf Im happy all writea happy poemIf Im sad all right a sad poemPoetry can mean many thingsIts based on what the people feelSo whets poetry mean to you

  • Big SisMY SISWhat a JERK she can beShe throws my stuff in the rainThinks i won't get madJust wait to see what happensthe next day she's all niceI didn't forget itShe does this all the time

    MY SISWhat a JERK she can beI take care of her horseI let her borrow my cellphoneShe hits meI didn't forgetShe does this all the timeOne day she'll see what's coming to herI'll laugh and laughMY SISWhat a JERK she can be

  • Where Im fromWhere ImAm I up in the skyOr in the oceanI'm everywherePanama, ParisCosta rice, BombayEating sour skittlesWhile playing baseballLaughing having fun

    Sleep away at AvodaEating pasta primaveraThe patriots losingand winningBill Belchick stays the sameFrom horses to catsFrom snowboarding to skiingHaving fun on the mountainThis is were Im from

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