Receiptbucks: Attract, Engage, Retain

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Receiptbucks makes it easy for any multi-unit operator to add loyalty functionality to their existing gift card program. Our branded platforms offer merchants a turn-key "customer engagement platform" that incorporates loyalty, game mechanics, guest experience management, and community.

Text of Receiptbucks: Attract, Engage, Retain

  • 1. "Attract, Engage,Retain" Smart, effective loyalty programs for multi-unit operators.

2. Gift cards...

    • Add value to your organization
    • Help drive revenue
    • Are a necessity
  • but are also....
    • Static
    • Rarely reloaded
    • An afterthought to many customers
    • A missed opportunity if not also used for LOYALTY!

3. Loyalty Integration is easy: Gift cards become gift/loyalty cards... ...Customers become raving fans! 4. The Program:

    • Card Distribution
    • Card Registration
    • Point Awarding
    • Point Management
    • Feedback
    • Point Redemption

5. Card distribution

  • Point of Sale Websites (via mail)

Cards can be distributed exactly as they are now -- in stores, via the web, or any other way you can think to get them into your customers' hands! 6. Card Registration

  • Receiptbucks deploys a branded website (i.e.
  • where customers can quickly and easily register cards:

7. Point Awarding Customers present cards at point of sale, point values are applied directly to card based on $$ spent. Loyalty system runs on existing POS and/or terminals by integrating with your current gift card processing system. No new implementations!!! 8. Point Management Simple interface allows customers to login to check points' and ranking status: Leaderboard and other "game mechanics" provide for high levels of of customer engagement with your program. 9. Guest Feedback

  • Upon each use of the card, an email is dispatched to customer inviting them to participate in a guest satisfaction survey, with the incentive of extra points for completed surveys:

10. Surveys are created via your Merchant Dashboard and auto- deployed to customers after visits/purchases. 11. Data-rich dashboard provides guest feedback insight and reporting:

    • Location specific
    • Identify problem areas
    • Benchmark stores against each other
    • Data drill-downs
    • and more!

Features: 12. Point Redemption

  • When a customer reaches a certain point threshold (pre-determined by you), they'll receive an email alert inviting them to "redeem" their reward!

Dollar value of reward will be added to card. 13. How does it work?

  • Receiptbucks works by integrating with your existing gift card processor. We have established relationships with major processors and continue to develop new relationships as necessary.

14. 1.Gift card is purchased/issued 2.Card is swiped at POS. 3.Transaction hits gift card processors' database 4.Data is sent to Receiptbucks'database 7. Processor credits card with new value 6.Rewards redeemed, Receiptbucks sends new card value to processor 5. Dollars converted to points at website Receiptbucks Workflow 15. Get started today!

  • Scott Weiss, VP of Business Development (425) 213-2590 [email_address]