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Discover your personal brand #DYPB14 Conference session - Toronto, August 2014. LinkedIn for Personal Branding

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  • 1. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good LinkedIn For Personal Branding

2. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good Agenda Why personal branding matters Why online matters LinkedIn Tips & tricks 3. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good#DYPBTO @Socially_Good Personal Branding Is not just for celebrities Is not your job title Is not just what you think you are best at Is PERSONAL as well as professional #DYPBTO @Socially_Good 4. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good Words you would use to describe yourself 5. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good Words others would use to describe you 6. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good#DYPBTO @Socially_Good GOO GLE When did you last Yourself? #DYPBTO @Socially_Good 7. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good#DYPBTO @Socially_Good 8. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good #DYPBTO @Socially_Good#DYPBTO @Socially_Good SO WHAT? 9. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good #DYPBTO @Socially_Good#DYPBTO @Socially_Good Social Media affects hiring decisions 10. Weve been watching you online for the last 6 months. What did my friends boss say to him during their interview? #DYPBTO @Socially_Good#DYPBTO @Socially_Good 11. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good 12. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good 13. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good WHERE TO START? 14. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good LinkedIn 15. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good 3 STEP PROCESS 1. Get Found 1. Attract & Engage 1. Stand Out 16. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good FAMILIAR? EVERY 2 seconds a new person joins LinkedIn I started my LinkedIn profilebut never finished it. I have a profile, but nothing ever happens because of it My profile is out of date/embarrassing/boring 17. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good BEFORE 18. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good Get Found Headline 19. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good 1. Get Found - Headline 1. Showcase your specialty, value proposition, or your so what? 2. Speak directly to the audience you want to attract 3. Be specific 4. Get your KEYWORDS in there 5. Be creative! 20. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good Now YOU try! 120 characters More than a job title Showcases your VALUE 21. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good#DYPBTO @Socially_Good Users with complete profiles are 40 x more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn 22. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good#DYPBTO @Socially_Good Your industry and location An up-to-date current position (with a description) Two past positions Your education Your skills (minimum of 3) A profile photo At least 50 connections What makes your profile complete? 23. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good 2. Get Found Profile Picture Who is this person? 24. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good 2. Get Found Profile Picture Party picture! 25. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good Get Found Profile Picture Cant see his face 26. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good 2. Get Found Profile Picture Trouble following instructions? 27. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good How To Be Better Be solo Dress for the job you want Convey energy & personality Posture Smile 28. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good#DYPBTO @Socially_Good SEO rich keywords Speaks to your audience Showcases your knowledge THE SUMMARY SECTION 29. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good Attract & Engage Mistakes people make: Your summary reads like a dull resume Full of buzz-words Focus is on your job and not you as a rounded individual Out of date No easy way for people to get in touch with you 30. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good 3. STAND OUT 31. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good#DYPBTO @Socially_Good Videos Images Presentations 3. Stand Out - LINKEDIN GOES VISUAL 32. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good#DYPBTO @Socially_Good Which would catch YOUR 33. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good 3. Stand Out Status updates: Sector information Show love and passion for your work / area of passion Enable and encourage others Deliver on your personal brand Today youll leave DYPB with a clear idea of what you should be communicating 34. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good 4. TIPS & TRICKS 35. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good Use online content curation tools Google Alerts Feedly Scoop It 36. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good Use scheduling tools Hootsuite Buffer Social Oomph 37. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good rue elpful nteresting ecessary ind Reminder 38. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good ALMOST ANYTHING YOU POST ONLINE CAN BE FOUND 39. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good MAKE SURE YOU CONTROL THE MESSAGE 40. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good#DYPBTO @Socially_Good Winning in the workplace means know ing who you are , where your greateststrengths lie , & how to differentiateyours elf. 41. #DYPBTO @Socially_Good Socially Good: For People @socially_good