NCASS - personal branding and Linkedin

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On 19th November, James Taylor of Macildowie delivered a Personal Branding presentation to NCASS accounting students (and 2 recently qualified accountants). Macildowie are long term sponsors of the annual NCASS.

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  • 1. James Taylor - @macs_jamestLINKEDIN WORKSHOP 2011

2. Who am I? Who are Macs? 3. LINKEDIN WORKSHOP 2011PERSONAL BRANDING 4. If you use Social Media you already have aPERSONAL BRAND 5. The Social Opportunities: 6. Your biggest ROI: 7. Linkedin Your ability Who uses it every day? Who doesnt use it at all? What one thing do you hope to take from this evening? 8. Why is it so powerful? Over 235 million users worldwide 12 million users in the UK exponential growth London is most active City in the world Over 46% are Senior Decision Makers Fastest growing demographic = YOU! Based on Key Word criteria & BOOLEAN search Its not Facebook BRAND YOU 9. Whos Using Linkedin and Why? University students Graduates Job Hunters MDs of SMEs HR Teams in Blue Chip Interviewing Line Managers The entire recruitment industry Buyers/Procurement 10. Whats in it for you? What are your clients up to New FDs or MDs in the market In Professional Services Market Intel = career currency 11. Whats in it for you? Build a network with other young professionals the further your career progresses = not what you know its who you know In your 40s, 80% of career opportunities come via your network so start building it now Its a way of you controlling communications with headhunters once qualified People you deal with today will you need them in 10 years time? 12. Whats in it for you? Digital is here to stay if youre not with it youll be left behind Help promote your employer brand = recruit the best grads 13. LINKEDIN WORKSHOP 2011SUGGESTED ACTIONS 14. SMART PROFILES - youMy assumption visibility & contactability Keyword/s and Scoring ensure people you want to find you, can find you. Name & contact details in headline be the easiest person (like you) to contact. Be memorable - visually Groups be more contactable Recommendations people buy people who other people rate & trust 15. Heres one I made earlier 16. The Search 17. The Results 18. GROUPS & LIONS There really is a group for everything you can imagine Get involved in Group Discussion If theres only 1 Group you join Company Alumni 19. LIONs 20. Searching How to use Boolean search Saving (Boolean) Searches to increase efficiency 21. Other Social Sites 22. We believe that you should be using Facebook to keep in touch with Ryan through your career!Slideshare as a learning portal And wordpress to blog build your brand 23. Q&A. And a quick 24. Just in case youre interested You can click here to engage with Macs via the various social channels Macildowie Dream Job functionality is worth a look m-job 25. Thankyou & Good Luck @macs_Jamest