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  • 1. Annual Reports Advertising & Marketing Interactive Media Everyone has a story to tell.
  • 2. Who Is Curran & Connors? From annual reports to interactive media to advertising & marketing, for 44 years Curran & Connors has helped companies tell stories in ways that inspire their key audiences. Our business approach to design balances cutting-edge creativity with diligent project management to deliver graphic solutions that achieve communications This is objectives on time and within budget. our story.
  • 3. National Footprint Headquarters Design/Client Service: Hauppauge, NY Design/Client Service: Design/Client Service: Chicago, IL San Francisco, CA Design/Client Service: Ft. Lauderdale, FL n 44 years of corporate communications experience n 16 locations n 4 design studios Sales Office Sales person design/production team n 45 Client Service Office Design Studio Office Sales Office Design Studio Design Studio/Sales Office Design Studio Client Service Office Design Studio Design Studio/Client Service Office Corporate Headquarters
  • 4. Best of Breed Approach Curran & Connors best of breed approach to communications design allows team members to perform their roles at the highest levels of performance in their areas of expertise. Designers, project managers, Web developers, production managers, typesetters and proofreaders make up a dedicated team that work on your project from inception through delivery.
  • 5. Dedicated account executives oversee the project from beginning to end. Award-winning graphic designers translate your Best of Breed message into Approach design that connects to your audience. In-house production managers, Web developers, typesetters and proofreaders ensure that every detail of the project is covered.
  • 6. Annual Reports Traditional 10-K Wrap We design and produce annual reports that effectively Summary connect with investors and build trust for our clients.
  • 7. Online Annual Reports A new dimension to the annual report, utilizing technology to communicate to the investment community.
  • 8. Advertising & Marketing Advertising Media Planning Brochures We create strategically targeted campaigns, develop powerful Direct Marketing messaging and design sophisticated communication materials that connect with your audience.
  • 9. Interactive Media Web Sites Online ARs PowerPoint We combine our award-winning design capability with Online Video in-house technical expertise to deliver Web solutions that are intuitive, functional and visually appealing.
  • 10. CSR Reports We carefully tailor messages that showcase the corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts and achievements of our clients.
  • 11. Brand Identity Visual Identity Positioning Brand Composite From positioning refinement and tag line creation to logo design Brand Integration and graphic standards development, Curran & Connors translates branding strategies into verbal and visual identity components that can enhance brand image and shift brand perceptions.
  • 12. Not-for-Profits Donor Reports Capital Campaigns Advertising Signage Annual Fund Materials We collaborate with not-for-profit organizations to develop Interactive Solutions solutions that highlight missions and capabilities, educate donors and other constituencies, and raise funds for future needs.
  • 13. Over the past four decades, Curran & Connors has evolved to meet the challenges in a continually changing corporate environment. Our ongoing evolution translates into enhanced design capabilities, cutting-edge technology and better service to our clients. With design studios in New York, Chicago, Florida and California, and account executives across the country, we continue to offer an unparalleled diversity of talent coupled with local representation to tell the unique stories of our clients.
  • 14. Our Portfolio Samples of Annual Reports Online ARs IR Tools CSR Reports our work Coventry 2008 American Campus 2008 Allos N&A Card ASUR 2008 FCStone 2008 ASUR 2008 Cedar Shopping Ads Cooper 2008 FEMSA 2008 (English) Infinity Property 2008 Celgene PowerPoint Washington Gas 2008 FEMSA 2008 (Spanish) Kelloggs 2008 Gladstone Dividends Report Kelloggs 2008 Kelloggs Fact Sheet Levi Strauss 2008 Kelloggs N&A Brochure Medtronic 2008 OSG Invitation Pall Corp. 2008 Safeway 2008 Sealed Air 2008 Tower Group 2008