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One stop Sloution for Plastic Product Development.

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  • 1.

2. Company Background

  • The Only Silver Certified Moldflow Consultant in Asia.
  • Established in 2005 with Dedication & Focus in Plastic Design.
  • Design Center at Mumbai and Pune with representatives inUSA.
  • Backed by a well established Jyoti Group. The Industrial product designer and manufacturer of plastic components.
  • Over 50 years of domain experience in metal and import substitution with engineering plastics in the Automotive, White Goods, Water Treatment, Fluid Engineering, Process and Electrical/Electronic industries.
  • Group Turnover @ 400 millions.
  • Having CRISIL SE 1A rating indicating excellent financial status.

3. Our Mission

  • Mission is Perfection
  • Perfection may never be attainable but in chasing Perfection we will achieve Excellence.
  • Our goal is to be recognized as a world leader in Plastics Engineering Services, by leveraging over 50 years of trusted domain Competencies, and creating a compelling competitive advantage for our customers by offering outstanding value in terms ofQuality, Cost, Delivery and Services.


  • Customized and dedicated project management teams.
  • World class in-house product design and development infrastructure.
  • Proven, new product development process using Design for Six Sigma methodology.
  • Well established processes for product design, tool design, tool manufacturing and plastics part production.
  • Client appreciations for professionalism and cost optimization.
  • In-house Concept-to-commerce facilities which include Injection molding, Composite Molding , Plastic Fabrication, Tool Room and Component Testing.

Our Strengths 5.

  • Moldflow Silver Certification
  • Polysmart is an authorized and certified Moldflow Consulting Partner. We have achieved Silver Certification, which is the highest certification level held by any consulting partner.
  • ( http://www.moldflow.com/stp/english/services/consulting_partners.htm )
  • This endorsement by Moldflow Corporation is your assurance that Polysmart s analysts have completed a rigorous training and testing program. Authorized consultants are proficient in the latest versions of Moldflow software.
  • As part of this program, Moldflow Corporation enforce strict standards for the quality of services offered.
  • Silver Certification is the measure of our skills and the accuracy of your results.

Our Achievement 6. Cluster 1 : CAD Design Services

  • Concept design
  • Product Design
  • DFM /DFA
  • 2D to 3D modeling
  • GD&T ,Tolerance stack-up
  • Design optimization
  • Metal to plastics conversion
  • Value engineering

Sample Recd. from Customer Final Product 7. Cluster 2 : CAE Services

  • MeshingServices
  • Moldflow Analysis
  • Structural Analysis (FEA)
  • Crash/Impact Analysis
  • CFDAnalysis
  • Linear & Non Linear Analysis

8. 2.1 : Moldflow Analysis

  • MPI Midplane, Fusion, 3D
  • MPI Flow, Cool, Warp, Stress, Fiber
  • MPI Co injection, Gas Assist
  • Valve gate optimization studies
  • Tool design audit

9. 2.2 : FEA AnalysisTypes of analyses

  • Linear buckling
    • Rough estimation of buckling loads
    • Low computational costs
  • Nonlinear buckling
    • Accurate estimation of buckling loads
    • High computational costs
  • Drop tests
    • Determination of critical stress areas/possible crack locations
    • Effect of drop angles
    • Highly complex problem (Fluid-Structure Interaction)
    • Side impact

10. Cluster 2.3 : CFD Field of Expertise

  • Meshing for CFD Application
    • Geometry generation and cleanup
    • Multi Block Structured Grid Generation
    • Tetrahedral, HexahedralandHybrid Meshing
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
    • Internal as well as External Flow
    • Steady as well as Transient flow
    • Computational Aero Acoustics
    • HVAC
    • Electronic component Cooling
    • Combustion Simulation
    • Rotary Machinery
    • Multi-physics analysis
  • Customize product development
    • User Defined Functions (UDF)
    • Specific CFD tool development
    • Customization of existing CFD products

11. HVAC Capabilities HVAC Design and optimization of HVAC ducts HVAC simulation for human comfort and safety in vehicles HVAC design and simulation of offices for attaining least power consumption Design of High performance data centers for uniform cooling of servers 12. 5Min 10Min 20Min 15Min Windshield De-icing/Defrosting Analysis Steady State Analysis Contours of Liquid Fraction 13. Software Expertise In CFD

  • Geometry Creation
    • Solid works, ProE
  • CAD cleanup
    • ANSA, Hyper mesh
  • Surface Meshing
    • ANSA, Hyper mesh, ICEM CFD, GAMBIT, Star CCM+
  • Volume Meshing
    • TGrid, ICEM CFD, Gambit, FLOTHERM, FLOVENT, Star CCM+
  • Solver
    • FLOTHERM, FLOVENT, Fluent, CFX, Star CD, Star CCM+
  • Post processing
    • Tecplot, CFView, ViewZ

14. Cluster 3:Tool Design & Reverse Engineering

  • Plastic Injection Mould design Services
  • Soft tooling services.
  • 3Dprinting ,RPT
  • ( SLA,SLS,FDM 900)
  • Cloud data creation & Conversion
  • CMM & white light scanning
  • Re-Engineering of Part

15. Our Process Enquiry Product Concepts/ Performance Requirements Product Samples Product Drawing Customer Approval Feasibility Analysis (Financial/ Technical) Product Engineering Reverse Engineering CAD Model CAE Analysis Prototyping Assembly testing Functional Testing Tooling Pilot Production Regular production Import drawing Project Management and Quality Systems Customer Approval 16. New Product Development (NPD) Process Gate 4 Stage 5 Voice of Customer Ideation Stage 1 Build Business case Customer Inputs Market Intelligence Competing products Gate 1 Cost, Product VariationProduct, Design flexibility Features Gate 2 Gate 3 Design Concepts, Product Engineering, DFSS, DFMA, Prototype Soft Tooling Product Development Stage 2 Stage 3 Gate 4 Stage 4 Production planning Pilot Production,PPAP & Production Product, Process, and production validation Sample Production lot, QAP, Processes, machine planning 17. What we can Offer to our Clients 18. Our Valued Customers-Appliance & Other 19. Our Valued Customers-Automotive(OEM,Tire One Companies Directly or through Vendors) 20. POLYSMARTTECHNOLOGIESPVT.LTD. 94,Bombay Talkies Compound, Malad (West) Mumbai:- 400064 India. Tel:- +91-22-28824448, +91-22-28823241,91-22-28813508. Fax:- +91-22-28820629 B-67 & 68, Shrinath Chambers 3 rdFloor Sant Dyaneshwar Paduka Chowk, Pune : - 411005 India. Tel: - +91-20-25520311/ 312 , Mobile:- 9689915196 Fax: - +91-20-25520311 Website:www.polysmart.com Email:- [email protected]