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<p>PLACEMENT OFFER </p> <p>1. Program EDUFI Traineeship program + Emprendedorismo. </p> <p>2. Employer Fundacin para la Incubacin de Empresas (FIDE) Argentina Cordoba </p> <p>http://incubadoracordoba.org.ar </p> <p>3. Training period </p> <p> The training period is open The training can start any time during the year except for December and January when all organizations and companies are </p> <p>in their holiday time. </p> <p> The training period is from 2 to 3 months in 2018 </p> <p>4. Tasks </p> <p>Emprendedorismo. Marketing. Administracin de Empresas. Negocios. Organizacin de eventos, talleres y capacitaciones internas y externas. Tareas administrativas. Contactos con emprendedores, empresas, organizaciones de gobierno y universidades. Facilitar a los emprendedores a internacionalizar sus emprendimientos. Ayudarlos a que se postulen en plataformas internacionales. Gestionar capacitaciones. Seguimiento de mtricas y desempeo. Vinculacin con nuevos socios y organizaciones. Vinculacin con nuevas alianzas estratgicas tanto en Argentina como en otros pases de Latinoamrica y el resto del mundo. Buscar financiamiento institucional en Argentina y el exterior </p> <p>5. Requirements </p> <p> Field of the studies: Entrepreneurship, Business Administration, Marketing, International Business. </p> <p> Phase of the studies: 2nd or 3rd year </p> <p> Languages: Spanish is required and if it is possible English </p> <p> Other necessary abilities connected to the placement : flexibility to adapt to change of activities and to do monotonous manual tasks sometimes. </p> <p>6. Salary No salary available. </p> <p>7. Working language: Spanish </p> <p>8. Accomodation </p> <p>There are manly shared apartments, some hostels and residences in the city </p> <p>center, Nueva Cordoba neighborhood and other areas. There are single or </p> <p>shared rooms. </p> <p>Prices change a lot because we have 24.8% inflation per year and our currency </p> <p>devaluates almost everyday. So we always need to check prices. </p> <p>In most places electricity, gas and wifi may is included and in other it is not. </p> <p>We help finding accommodation in Cordoba. We provide a list of places with </p> <p>pictures, description and prices for the trainees to choose. We contact the </p> <p>owners and visit the places. </p> <p>9. Additional information It is important to know that organizations in Argentina are small. They are </p> <p>organizations whose structure is informal but who benefit a lot of having a </p> <p>trainee to help them market their work, look for ways of financing their </p> <p>projects and help in their everyday activities. They do not have all the </p> <p>resources needed to work so trainees need to adapt to these conditions. They </p> <p>may not have a computer available for the trainee. They may have to share the </p> <p>computer with the other people. </p> <p>Besides sometimes there is no specific task done by each person. We tend to </p> <p>plan every week but not well in advance. Things change all the time and the </p> <p>trainee need to be flexible enough to adapt to these changes. </p> <p>Placement fee: we charge Euros 440 in 2018. This includes: </p> <p> Skype interview with the candidate </p> <p> Contacting the organization </p> <p> Assistance in finding accommodation </p> <p> Airport pick up on arrival </p> <p> Information pack about Argentina and Cordoba before arrival </p> <p> 1-day- Excursion to sierras de Cordoba during the weekends. </p> <p> Orientation to our culture. </p> <p> Assistance during the placement </p> <p>CONTACT INFORMATION: Marcela Serra. mserra@passportidiomas.com.ar </p> <p>The employer and myself make the final decision about the trainee. </p> <p>mailto:mserra@passportidiomas.com.ar</p>


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