10 Fun & Easy Ways to Learn English Faster

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10 Fun & Easy Ways to Learn English FasterVoxy on 01/9/12Weve all heard a thousand times that the only way to really learn English is to be totally immersed in the language, comletely surrounded by it everywhere you go! "ut we wanted to go deeper than that and #ind $uic% and easy ways to start getting immersed! &o our research team ut together 10 stes that you can #ollow, in this order, to ma%e learning English #aster and a whole lot more #un!#1: Find some English radio stations and podcasts in iTunes'here are tons o# odcasts about all toics imaginable these days( entertainment, olitics, news! ) good way to #ind one is to loo% #or a odcast #rom a 'V channel you usually watch in your cable 'V! *oo% #or one that interests you and listen to it in your car while driving! +oull train your ear that way,#2: Check out the Top ideos on !ouTu"e and #atch $or at least a $e# minutes-ost o# them are hilarious, .t will be so worth it! 'ry loo%ing at the comments to ic% u some words and sentences you arent #amiliar with, but be care#ul there is all %inds o# bi/arre stu## in +ou'ube comments!#%: Talk and sing to yoursel$ in EnglishWhen you are alone at home, or o# course in the shower, start tal%ing, &ing a song in English the way it sounds to you, tal% about the weather or any other toic! 0o this #re$uently and your ronunciation will drastically imrove 1 guaranteed,: 'o you ha(e an English)speaking idol* +o to !ouTu"e and #atch all o$ his,her inter(ie#s in English+ou can send hours doing that listening to interviews and it sure wont #eel li%e studying! "ut it is, .t hels you a great deal!-#: .it near people #ho are speaking English on the "us or in the park/ Listen in02%ay now dont be a creey eavesdroer, "ut, see what words you can ic% u and listen to the #low o# the conversation! 3ow much did you understand4 What general toic were they tal%ing about4 0id you hear an interesting word you might want to loo% u a#ter4#1: 2ay attention to "ill"oards3 signs3 ad(ertisements3 maga4ine stands and esta"lishment names*oo% and thin% about what these ads mean! 3ow many words do you recogni/e4 0id you see that same word elsewhere4 -a%e u sentences about what youre seeing!#5: Lo(e music* Try $iguring out the #ords,lyrics o$ your $a(orite songsWatch video clis with lyrics on +ou'ube and sing along! 5ead the translation and build u your vocabulary! *isten to 6clean7 versions o# songs and try to #igure out what dirty words were ta%en out! .ts #un,#6: Watch T clips3 episodes or soap operas in English.t doesnt matter i# you dont understand what theyre saying, watch anyway, 'ry to understand why something is #unny or sad ! .# the 8o%e is related to the word itsel#, then maybe that is why the 8o%e does not ma%e sense in yournative language! What would be the best translation into your language then4#7: Engage in a con(ersation on Face"ook #ith $riends #ho post in EnglishWhen you have English sea%ers in your timeline, you see their osts daily and get inside in#ormation about newsand viral videos in English! +our #riends can be your teachers, 'heir timeline basically sort out the best material #or you to study!#10: 2roduce3 produce3 produce/ 8o matter ho# shy you are or ho# much you don9t :get; English3 $orce yoursel$ to speak3el out a tourist who loo%s lost! 'hey wont mind you struggling with the language while youre doing them a #avor, )#ter class, tal% to your teacher about how things are going and what you need hel with in English! When traveling, as% around #or directions in English, even i# you dont need them, 'ry urchasing things online and by hone, or using customer suort in English!.t does not matter i# you tal% slowly, you are learning, thats only natural,. T?2: When seeing a ne# mo(ie look up the original title on ?@'