18th IAPS Conference Evaluation in Progress

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18th IAPS Conference Evaluation in Progress. Discourse and Tourism Social Representations Marina Mura. University of Cagliari (Italy) - Psychology Departement. Discourse and Tourism Social Representations. Poetto beach. [XXI/F-E/F-F/Y-Y/C-C/N-N/May 2003-November 2003/ 490] - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of 18th IAPS Conference Evaluation in Progress

  • 18th IAPS Conference Evaluation in ProgressDiscourse and Tourism Social Representations

    Marina MuraUniversity of Cagliari (Italy) - Psychology Departement

  • Discourse and Tourism Social Representations [XXI/F-E/F-F/Y-Y/C-C/N-N/May 2003-November 2003/ 490] 197 IN: and if your friend was from another place 198 maybe from Florence199 and came here to Cagliari 200 what would you [show? ] him =201 IN : [of Cagliari in particular? ]=202 RE: yes 203 ((laughs))204 IN : uhm good question, well the sea is too obvious(.3)205 but, come on (.) its surely the first thing (.)206 why?: (.)207 theyve never seen anything like that(.)208 and not Poettos beach/sea and the reasons: of its being ruined209 ((I smile ))210 , but because the most beautiful places are Costarei 211 Calapira (.)Poetto beach

  • Discourse and Tourism Social Representations[XI/F-G/F-M/Y-Y/S-C/N-N/April 2003-December 2003/ 890] 259. IN : then what would I show them from the roundabouts/here?260.RE surely not the area around Castello, the centre is certainly the ugliest part of Cagliari and the fact is that here uhm: I mean that its not ancient its just old and thats something I just hate (.)261. The historical centre is not beautiful according to me (.)262. As in the case of other cities (.)263.However, theres the area of Ibarium , I dont know if you know where [it is]=264. RE: [I do]=265. IN : and its all long the edge: and: (.)266. it is like hanging from a cliff high up above the city its beautiful that I surely would show(.)267.then museums and other places theres nothing(.)Castello

  • Discourse and Tourism Social Representations[XVI/F-E/F-M/Y-Y/C-C/N-N/March 2003-November 2003/ 772] 229 Re: Well then230 can you give me a definition of tourist city?231 IN : Mmm well a tourist city (0.4) must be (.) 232 should be a city that is at the disposal of the tourist 233 but without forgetting (.)234 the ..the.. the people that live there.235 Lets take Venice its a great tourist city 236 However I find that for the people living there it must be a nightmare 237 Because they dont own their own city =238 = owners at home mmm

    Lamarmora Street

  • Discourse and Tourism Social Representations239 for this reason I think that a city a tourist city should have the: (0.8)240 should show and put its beauties in the showcase (.) 241 its own characteristics 242 So that on the behalf of > the administrators there should be greater care < 243 of all its esthetical features, (.)244 the gardens, the facades, to the urban furniture etc.etc,(.)245 But at the same time (0.3) think about them246 > think about these things < for those living there and not for those coming to see them

    Town hall

  • Discourse and Tourism Social Representations[XXI/F-E/F-F/Y-Y/I-C/N-N/May 2003-October 2003/ 902] 635. IN: of a person [from outside]=636.RE: [ from outside or anyway of a person that lives in Cagliari but travels]=637.IN : [ but who travels a lot]=638. uhm boh(.)639.I told you I can simply say that: (.)640.it can potentially be a lot and: (.)641.Respect to those cities that really dont have, that which they, that is, they dont have (.)642.It has the means but doesnt use them (.)643.this is the only thing I can say to you (.)644.And: because let me repeat in Germany you look at the banks of the lakes theyre all extremely well kept (.)

    Cristina Door

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