40 Ways to Have Fun on the Bookfield!

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  • 7/30/2019 40 Ways to Have Fun on the Bookfield!


    40 Ways to Have fun on the Bookfield

    1. Approach/switch for a paragraph in a different voice or with an accent. If they call you out just laugh and go back to normal2. When you put the case down and Mrs. J comes out; pretend youve never seen youre bag before. Then...OMG whos is th

    And whats inside!??

    3. When the doormat says something like, friends take off their shoes take off your shoes before you knock4. At the door when Mrs. J comes out, pretend to be swatting away bees. Get into it. Those are some BIG bees.5. Proclaiming that anything you see in the front yard = a buyer. Ex) oh a flamingo! Their definitely a buyer.6. Ridiculous EXECS in the morning! Fork in the disposal. Pretend youre a fork bouncing around the garbage disposal. Ting ting t


    7. When in a sit down with a really cool family, use a funny name reference. EX) Yea I was just catching up with the Jingle -heimshmitdss; do you know John-Jacob?

    8. When you find out that its Mrs.. J at the door. Celebrate. Jump for joy. yaaaayyyyy be excited!9. Have fun with where youre from. Ex) Missouri = Nothing but Cows.10. Compliment the house for a reason. Ex) Oh you have nice carpet, its perfect for my moonwalk. 11. Gravy break. 20 seconds of getting out of the car and running around ridiculously. Do a cartwheel or a somersault. Gravy exec12. Involve the family pet with the sit down. Demo the dog and ask what it thinks.13. Roommate competition; best day in 2 of three. (Sit downs, hours, demos, customers, units) winner gets their lunch bought on

    Sunday by the loser.

    14. Its your job to leave every family you see in a better mood than when you first met them. Thats your duty. Believe it. 15. Instead of, Hi in the approach, say; Hola! or, Alooo or something like that.16. Tell Mrs.. Jones you are having a competition to collect the most pen, pencils, toilet paper during the day with your roommate17. Decorate your (bike)car with all kinds of book flair. Positive quotes, funny pictures, ridiculousness.18. Send out pump up texts every morning at breakfast to your manager and your buds(hide in lunch box, books)19. Name and decorate your order pad. Ex) Daniel Mc Awesome :D20. Everybody wants me game During the demo just stop and say, hold on did you hear that? (get really quiet) then keep the

    going. Do it again 2 mins later. Then 2 mins after that; excuse yourself and walk to the door and yell out, Susan Ill be right th

    Hold on! (idea being that susan had been yelling for you to come over this whole time)

    21. Positive Self Talk; out loud and ridiculous. Make up your own.22. Listening to ridiculous music during the day (Tenacious D, 90s throwbacks, pump up jamz etc)23. High five grandmas and grandpas24. Ridiculous EXECS in the morning! Rockband; crank up a song and rock out with your chicken out! Air band the entire thing25. During deliveries have a funny outfit (dress up like a power ranger), candy for the kids, have fun!26. Never take yourself seriously. Laugh at whatever happens. 3 positives; even when it seems ridiculous.27. In the intro try and kiss your elbow. Say its your summer goal; try and get Mrs. J to attempt it as well28. Demo trees and lawn gnomes when no one is home29. If Mrs. J asks what youre doing, Im selling dance moves and then bust out a short one on the spot30. Pick Flowers and put them in your hair. Then when kids ask why you can pull it out and say, itsfor you!31. Have fun with where youre from. Ex) they say, Moldova, Dracula?32. Name and decorate your book bag with ribbons, buttons etc.. Ex) Sue Wanda33. Wave at everyone you see.34. Learn dog breeds. When Mrs. Jones answers the door say, "oh my god is that a (insert appropriate ACCURATE breed here)? M

    aunt has one!?" (Mrs. Jones loves you know her pooch)

    35. Carry as many pens as possible in visible sight36. Burn yourself and other people new mix CDs to keep things fresh37. Learn a couple words in another language and say them during the intro and demo every few sentences.38. Have a Saturday outfit. Lucky pair of underwear, neon socks, paisley color shorts, shirts.39. On Saturday night grab some frozen pizza and cookies and watch a movie on your computers with your roommate while you

    stats. Keep it pretty cheap though; low expenses are a must!

    40. On your way out of the house if the kids are playing sports join in on the fun for a quick second.