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Aeries Gradebook By Jeanne Sbardellati June 12, 2008

Aeries Gradebook

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Aeries Gradebook. By Jeanne Sbardellati June 12, 2008. Logging on to your site. Your UserName (w/capital) Your ABI password Pick your school. Type in Passcode. 1234 Log In. The first page: Things to know. Count-down timer. Locks - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Aeries Gradebook

  • Aeries GradebookBy Jeanne SbardellatiJune 12, 2008

  • Logging on to your sitehttp://

    Your UserName(w/capital)

    Your ABI password

    Pick your school

  • Type in Passcode1234

    Log In

  • The first page: Things to knowTabbed Options(choose Grades)Count-downtimer. Locks you out when it expires!

  • Choose the Gradebook MenuNotice the Maintenance page

  • The Gradebook MenuNotice the Maintenance Page

  • Maintenance: Edit GradebookNote the edit buttonsNote the Add New Gradebookbutton

  • This is how you add gradebooks and edit the parametersThis is how you set up gradebooks by reporting period

    Be sure to Apply Changes

  • Linking Gradebooks(not recommended)Linking gradebookstogether will cause all assignment and assignment type changes to apply toall gradebooks in a group. This meansthat if you change or add an assignment orassignment type, that change or add will apply to ALL gradebooks that are linked together!

  • At the beginning of the year you will need to add students to your gradebooks.

  • You have to allow Enters/LeavesFrom the Gradebook Maintenancethe Enter/Leaves tab will display gradebook for students to be added. All students must be added to gradebook.

  • Maintenance/Manage StudentsStudents who drop will still be in your gradebook.You can delete students or add them to another gradebook.

  • Add AssignmentGo to Edit AssignmentClick on Add New Assignment orEdit Assignment

  • Final MarksUsed to adjust percentages that equal each grade (do BEFORE loading grades from Gradebook to Grade Reporting.

  • Back Up your Gradebook!Backing up allows you to restore your own data without impacting others in case of a disaster!

  • After your gradebooks have been set up..You will want to Create/Edit your Assignment TypesYou may use:H=HomeworkC=ClassworkP=ProjectQ=QuizT=TestBe sure to APPLY Changes.

  • Now you are ready to edit/add assignmentsClick on Edit New AssignmentClick on Add New Assignment

  • Edit/Set ParametersAssignment # (it will default)Description of assignmentMaximum Points ScoreAssignment DueGrading Complete? (wont count toward final score until checked.Click ADD

  • Add Student GradesScores by Student Scores by Assignment

  • Also scores by class

  • Options: Current GradebookRange to display to parents Range to count toward grade

  • Options: Grading RulesExample: Drop the lowest homework score and replace with nothing/average score/best score.

  • Other ThingsDo not use the TA modeThe Access Mode will let you see who and how often students/parents are checking their grades online.PROTECT YOUR PASSWORD! DO NOT SHARE WITH ANYONE!Reports: Self-explanatory: --Reports by student --Email assignments to students --Gradebook Roster --Final Mark Analysis