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Mar. 27, 2013 Sponsored by Lambda Solutions Taming the Gradebook

Moodle gradebook

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These slides compliment the webinar hosted by Lambda Solutions on the Moodle Gradebook, which is available on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/62837761. These slides include some information on the Moodle Gradebook Aggregation methods, which can help users when setting up their Grading architecture.

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  • 1. Taming the GradebookSponsored by Lambda SolutionsMar. 27, 2013

2. BEN CHAD 3. 4. Moodle Gradebook Setting up your Gradebook Setting up your activities Marking for your Gradebook Aggregation of Marks weighting your grades 5. Aggregationvia portervillecollege.edu 6. If wantedRubric for Class such as.. Assignments = 20% Projects = 30% Exams = 50%Then use 7. Weighted Mean of Grades With this calculation method, the graded items willbe multiplied by the weight you give them and thattotal will be divided by the sum of the weights. 8. If wanted5 Assignments that are each equal in overall mark, even ifhave different amounts by grade: 1st Assignments (out of 10) = 20% 2nd Assignments (out of 7) = 20% 3rd Assignments (out of 36) = 20% 4th Assignments (out of 13) = 20% 5th Assignments (out of 9) = 20%Then use 9. Mean of Grades If you use this calculation method, Moodle will firstdetermine the percentage scores for each grade item.It will then sum them those scores and divide thatsum by the total number of grade items. 10. If wanted5 Assignments that are each equal in overall mark, even ifout of different amounts 1st Assignments (out of 10) = 10 / 75 2nd Assignments (out of 7) = 7 / 75 3rd Assignments (out of 36) = 36 / 75 4th Assignments (out of 13) = 13 / 75 5th Assignments (out of 9) = 9 / 75Overall = mark / 75 * 100Then use 11. Sum of Grades This is the only aggregation method that does notinternally convert scores individual grade items topercentages. Using our previous example here is howit would work. 12. Simple Weighted Mean of Grades Similar to Sum of Grades, but you manually edit the total. Similar to way Weighted Mean of Grades is calculated,except that each item is weighted based upon themaximum points possible for that item. Therefore, a 20point discussion will have a weight of 20 and a 100 pointessay will have a weight of 100. 13. www.lambdasolutions.netFor support with Moodle, contact:[email protected]