Bengal Tiger By: Chip Stevens. Classification and Description Panthera tigris tigris Feline 720 lbs.; 6ft long, 3ft tail Orange, brown; black stripes

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Bengal TigerBy: Chip Stevens

Classification and DescriptionPanthera tigris tigris Feline720 lbs.; 6ft long, 3ft tailOrange, brown; black stripes

BiomeIndiaDense forests and swamplands20 square milesMoves for food

Life Cycle2 4 youngLicks babies to cleanCarnivore to deer, bull, gazelleLives 18 years

AdaptationsSoft padsCanine teethWhite spots on earsNocturnal

Reasons for Endangered StatusPoachers and huntersKill fur, sportHomes destroyedmedicine

Conservation100,000 to 5,000World Wildlife FederationStop traffickingEducate people & write to congress

Fun FactsEndangered since 1969Roar heard 2 milesStreams-cool offPurr means happy