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CENTER FOR ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE. Tom Waldrep - Director Jennie Ariail - Assistant Director. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Tom Waldrep - Director Jennie Ariail - Assistant Director

    Multiple Choice Exam Questions

    1. Attempt to answer the questions without looking at the options.

    Use paper, a ruler or your hands to cover the answers if needed.

    2. Eliminate the distractors.

    For example, if you have a negatively worded question such as Which of the following is not ..., mark true next to each option that is true and the one option left will be your answer.

    3. Never be afraid to use common sense to determine your answer.

    Use reasoning when answering each question instead of trying to recall the right answer.

    4. Answer the questions you know first.

    In answering these questions first, you may find the answers to the questions you arent so sure about.

    5. When guessing, do not change answers.

    Your first answer is usually the best.

    6. When guessing, do not choose answers that are the first or last.

    Answers in the middle and those with the most words are usually correct.

    7. If the first option is a correct one, look at the last question to make sure it is not an all of the above option. The same is true for a none of the above question.

    8. If options are similar, chances are one of them is the correct response.

    9. Answer all questions.

    Monitor your time so that you can answer all questions unless points will not be taken off for unanswered ones.

    10. Allow time at the end to check for carelessness.


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