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Charterhouse November 19th Sale Results

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Auction results 19th November 2010

Text of Charterhouse November 19th Sale Results

CHARTERHOUSEAuctioneers & Valuers

Auction to be held at The Long Street Salerooms Sherborne Dorset Friday 19th November at 10.00 am Viewing Wednesday 17th November 10.00 am 4.00 pm Thursday 18th November 9.00 am 7.00 pmand on the 19th from 8.30am until 9.45am with limited viewing whilst the sale is in progress A buyers premium of 19.5% (plus VAT) is payable on the final bid price of each lot. Lots valued at less than 20 do not have an estimate printed

Delivery can be arranged with the officePostage can be arranged. A minimum charge of 15 per parcel plus postage applies CHARTERHOUSE The Long Street Salerooms Sherborne Dorset DT9 3BS Telephone 01935 812277 Facsimile 01935 389387

1 A Renault Clio Privilege 16V automatic motor car, registration number GD04 CRZ, first registered 25.06.04, 1390cc petrol, 5 door, silver, taxed to 31st May 2011, approximately 33,450 recorded miles See illustration Sold for 2400 2 A Continental table lamp, on cherub supports, a Minton style majolica strawberry vase, two oval meat plates, and a Copeland stand (a.f.) (5) Sold for 190 3 A Chinese vase, decorated a bird amongst foliage, 45.5 cm high Sold for 60 4 A 19th century Chinese famille verte Buddha (a.f.) 27.5 cm high Sold for 110 5 A Cantonese famille rose jar and cover, 12 cm high Sold for 55 6 A Cantonese famille rose jug (spout restored) Unsold 7 A saucy figure of a lady, her dress hinged to reveal her derriere, and another figure (2) Sold for 100 8 A willow pattern pottery meat plate, 47 cm wide, another meat plate, and a drainer (a.f.) (3) Sold for 10 9 A Clarice Cliff Bizarre pottery plaque, pierced and decorated flowers, 33.5 cm diameter Sold for 130 10 Three Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern cup and saucers Sold for 20 11 Two Zaphir figures, and four others similar (a.f.) (6) Sold for 45 12 A Chinese baluster vase, decorated figures at a table in underglaze blue, and with faux ring handles, (rim chip), 30.5 cm high, with a carved hardwood stand See illustration Sold for 400 13 A pair of Doulton Lambeth stoneware vases, decorated with flowers, and another similar pair (4) Sold for 40 14 A Royal Doulton figure, Alison, HN3264, and another, Fair Lady, HN2193 (second) (2) Sold for 35 15 A porcelain box, the top decorated musical instruments, flowers and foliage, 25 cm wide Unsold 16 A 19th century Chinese famille verte vase, the ovoid body decorated figures in a pagoda (rim repaired), 47 cm high See illustration Sold for 300 17 A Chinese ginger jar, decorated birds and foliage in underglaze blue, 24 cm high Sold for 130 18 Three Royal Doulton character jugs, Falstaff D6287, Beefeater D6206, and Guardsman D6575 (3) Sold for 35 19 A porcelain tureen and cover, applied and painted figures, 31 cm high Unsold 20 A Lladro group, of a child with puppy, 19.5 cm high Sold for 35 21 A Carlton Ware jar and cover, decorated an orchid, another similar, and a matching bowl (3) Sold for 20 22 A pair of Staffordshire pottery dogs, 36 cm high, and Bobbi Brown, Stourhead, oil on board, signed, 44.5 x 34 cm (3) Sold for 20 23 A Chinese famille rose charger, 35 cm diameter, and a similar bowl, 26.5 cm diameter (a.f.) Sold for 60 24 A Reform jug,1832, another two jugs, a pair of Spode comports and a Chinese style bowl (a.f.) (6) Sold for 65

25 A Staffordshire pottery flat back group, of a gentleman on horseback, and other similar items (a.f.) (6) Sold for 20 26 A Chinese porcelain vase, painted figures (restored), 45 cm high Sold for 5500 27 A pair of cut glass bowls and covers, another similar, a twin handled mug, etched flowers, and another glass bowl (5) Sold for 220 28 An opaque glass lustre, with prismatic drops, gilt and painted decoration, 35 cm high Sold for 20 29 A Royal Worcester vase, with gilt decoration on a powder blue ground, 24 cm high, and a Satsuma pottery vase (converted to a lamp) (a.f.) (2) Sold for 15 30 A Royal Doulton Frank Brangwyn part dinner service, including vegetable tureens and covers and meat plates (a.f.) (qty) See illustration Unsold 31 A Royal Doulton Frank Brangwyn sandwich plate, and assorted side plates, decorated fruit (a.f.) (qty) Unsold 32 A quantity of Spode Christmas Tree pattern tableware's (box) Sold for 45 33 A Medina glass vase, a glass charger, and four other glass vases (6) Sold for 35 34 A Clarice Cliff circular bowl, Gay Day, four Susie Cooper dishes, and a Crown Devon jardiniere (6) Sold for 40 35 A Royal Copenhagen bowl, decorated flowers, 1763/491, 10 cm high Unsold 36 A Medina blue glass vase, four similar goblets, and two other glass items (7) Sold for 45 37 A Doulton Lambeth stoneware jug, decorated hunting scenes, a stoneware colander, and other ceramics (a.f.) (7) Sold for 80 38 A pair of Staffordshire pottery lions, 24 cm high (2) Sold for 10 39 A pair of Wedgwood comports, decorated flowers (2) Sold for 25 40 A Chinese porcelain teapot and cover, decorated puce floral sprays, 12.5 cm high Sold for 80 41 A T G Green Cornishware dredger, Flour, 13.5 cm high Sold for 30 42 Two glass decanters, and assorted glasses (box) Sold for 10 43 A glass vase, decorated three ships on the ocean, 27 cm high Sold for 15 44 A Moorcroft pottery spring flowers pattern table lamp, 20 cm high (excluding fitment) Sold for 70 45 A Chinese bowl, applied eight figures (a.f.), 36 cm diameter Sold for 20 46 A W H Goss model of Ann Hathaway's cottage, other crested items and related books (2 boxes) Sold for 100 47 A bevy of Border Fine Arts and other otters (7) Sold for 30 48 A Lladro figure, of a young sailor boy, 24 cm high, and a similar goose (2) Sold for 40 49 A Chinese vase, with associated cover, with underglaze blue decoration, 47.5 cm high (drilled) Sold for 140 50 A Meissen vase, inscribed Pillnitz, 31 cm high (a.f.) Sold for 160 51 A Staffordshire pottery greyhound, a Shelley lustre pedestal bowl, an Ashworth Pottery bowl, and a millefiori paperweight (a.f.) (4) Sold for 70

52 A pair of Staffordshire pottery dogs, and a similar lion (3) Sold for 30 53 A Staffordshire pottery greyhound, holding a hare in its mouth, 27.5 cm high, and another similar (2) Sold for 70 54 A quantity of Coalport Indian Tree pattern tea wares (box) Unsold 55 A pair of Staffordshire pottery poodles, 23.5 cm high (2) Sold for 120 56 A 19th century English part porcelain tea service, decorated hand painted landscapes (a.f.) Sold for 20 57 A W H Goss crested model of a Jersey milk can, and other crested items (a.f.) (4) Sold for 100 58 A Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee commemorative beaker, a Paragon bowl, decorated flowers and other ceramics (box) Sold for 35 59 A Susie Cooper part tea set, decorated an orchid (a.f.) (box) Sold for 60 60 A Chinese jardiniere, a Chinese blue and white vase and cover, and a similar vase (3) Sold for 70 61 A W H Goss crested model of an ancient bronze urn, and other crested items (a.f.) (4 boxes) Sold for 160 62 A Sandon part dinner service, including tureens and covers, meat plates, dinner and side plates (a.f.) (qty) Unsold 63 A W H Goss crested cheese dish and cover, and other crested items (4 boxes) Sold for 140 64 A cut glass decanter, with a silver collar and other decanters (a.f.) (qty) Sold for 30 65 A Cantonese brush pot, decorated figures (a.f.) Unsold 66 A Minton style majolica jardiniere, with figural mask handles and decorated garlands of flowers (a.f.), 20.5 cm high Sold for 220 67 A Royal Doulton figure, Alice, HN2158, and a Chamberlain's Worcester soup bowl, decorated floral sprays (2) Sold for 35 68 A Royal Worcester Durham pattern part dinner service See illustration Sold for 150 69 A Coalport Pageant pattern part tea and dinner service (a.f.) (qty) See illustration Sold for 240 70 A W H Goss crested model of an ancient salt pot, and other crested items (a.f.) (4 boxes) Sold for 140 71 A set of eight hock glasses, with enamel decoration (8) Sold for 80 72 A Chinese plate, decorated birds and foliage in underglaze blue, 37 cm diameter Sold for 30 73 A Karl Ens green woodpecker, 7527, 25 cm high, and a Royal Doulton figure, Twilight, HN2256 (2) Sold for 100 74 A Staffordshire clock group, and other similar items (a.f.) Sold for 60 75 A Burleigh Ware Willow pattern meat plate, 45 cm wide, and other matching items See illustration Unsold 76 A cranberry and clear glass jug, 13 cm high, and a similar scent bottle with pewter mounts (2) Sold for 10 77 A Wedgwood Aesthetic style kettle and a Murano glass vase (a.f) (2) Unsold 78 A large Chinese porcelain jardiniere, (a.f.), 31 cm diameter Sold for 25 79 A Kaiser figure, of a seated nude, 489, and three other Kaiser figures (4) Unsold

80 A Murano glass figure, of a lady, a Staffordshire pottery group, two Sylvac rabbits, other ceramics and items (box) Sold for 90 81 A Chinese tall vase and stand, decorated figures, 39 cm high See illustration Sold for 360 82 A glass ewer and stopper, 43 cm high Sold for 10 83 A Chinese vase, decorated birds and flowers with metal mounts and a stand, 28.5 cm high See illustration Sold for 200 84 A Continental group, of a lady holding a tambourine, and with two children, 32 cm high Sold for 20 85 A Royal Doulton character dog, HN1097, another, HN1103, a Royal Copenhagen dish, applied a mermaid, and assorted Beswick animals (a.f.) (10) Sold for 70 86 A suite of table glass, with engraved decoration (box) Sold for 35 87 A set of seven green and gilt finger bowls Unsold 88 A part table suite of cut glass (box) Sold for 40 89 An extensive Royal Crown Derby Derby Posies pattern tea and dinner service (qty) See illustration Sold for 170 90 A Wedgwood Charnwood pattern dinner service (qty) See illustration Sold for 170 91 A Royal Doulton Royles patent self pouring teapot, other ceramics and glass (box) Sold for 25 92 A pair of rainbow coloured glass trophies, other glass, and assorted ceramics (box) Sold for 40 93 A pair of Staffordshire pottery dogs, a Continental doll's tea service, glass and other items (box) Sold for 25 94 Two Nao figures, a Doulton Lambeth sto