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  • PROFESSIONAL PORTFOLIO Christopher M. Shackett

    K-8 Physical Education Teacher Hinesburg Community School

    Hinesburg, VT


  • Chris Shackett is a Full Time K-8 Physical Education Teacher working for Hinesburg Community School in Hinesburg, VT.

    Chris Shackett has taught Physical Education in Elementary and Middle Schools in Vermont since 2010.


  • Shackett has worked hard in contributing to the creation of the Hinesburg Community School physical education curriculum.

    The Hinesburg Physical Education program has been created with all best practices in mind. The programs are built upon State and National Standards as well as Chittenden South Supervisory Union Curriculum goals and objectives.

    Hinesburg Physical Education is based around the three core covenants of FUN, LEARNING and RESPECT


  • FUN -Through use of Choice, Challenge and Change in every activity we do, ALL students excel and have FUN.

    LEARNING -Students LEARN all essential skill themes of Physical Education (Throwing, catching, jumping, landing,

    striking, kicking, tumbling etc).

    -Students also learn life lessons of personal responsibility, cooperation, communication, respect for others, positive competition, critical thinking and problem solving.

    RESPECT -Student in Hinesburg PE Respect themselves, each other and equipment.

  • HINESBURG Physical Education

    It is Chris Shacketts desire as Hinesburg Community Schools Physical Education Teacher to offer a developmentally appropriate physical education environment which offers a variety of enjoyable, all-inclusive physical activities, designed to build self-confidence, and promote cooperation, fair play, and responsible participation, while encouraging lifetime fitness pursuits.

  • Hinesburg PE provides a wide array of activities that are action-packed, providing lots of choices and opportunities to challenge children with

    countless opportunities for success, NO MATTER THE STUDENTS SKILL LEVEL.

    HINESBURG Physical Education

  • The curriculum has moved from comfortable, familiar, and functional physical education to Movement Education instruction that is rich with opportunities to engage in fun, challenging, and dynamic experiences.

    HINESBURG Physical Education

  • Chris Shackett has attempted to create this Dynamic Physical Education Environment by scrapping the traditional thoughts of how a PE program is set up (old school, boring with extremely long units of instruction) and instead based it off of the current best Elementary and Middle school PE programs.

    In finding out what the best elementary and middle school PE teachers and programs are doing Shackett has attempted to develop one of the best Elementary and Middle level PE programs in the state of Vermont.

    HINESBURG Physical Education

  • Five Components of a Quality Elementary PE Program


    1. Skill Centers (Stations) 2. Educational Games 3. Dance 4. Gymnastics 5. Warm ups

    * On any given day you will find one of the these five components happening at Hinesburg Community school.


    -Skill Centers are a fabulous way for all students to learn new skills. This proven teaching methodology provides an environment conducive for skill acquisition and learning. It requires less equipment while maximizing class

    participation by grouping students into small units that rotate from six to eight skill centers.


    -Educational Games are a big reason why so many students love PE at Hinesburg. Every game/activity that we do has at least 3 position options that the students choose on their own, while many games have 5 positions. Allowing students to choose their

    positions and change positions at any point in the game allows them constant motivation as well as to find the spot where they fit in and excel the most. Thus making the student feel extremely comfortable and safe in PE class.

  • -Shackett wants kids to have FUN in his class, it is his number one objective for each class. If PE is FUN, kids will want to participate. If they participate, they will experience the joy of being active. If they experience that joy, they just might

    move toward remaining active throughout their lives.

  • -These gentleman (RIGHT)have spelled their words correctly in CRACK THE CODE. Who will crack the most codes and earn the most wristbands??? In order to crack a code students must jump rope, hula hoop, run laps etc These students are turned on to the GAME and want to playing.

    -(RIGHT) The 4th Grade MATHLETICS champions of 2012.


    -Mr. Shackett likes to dance right along side the students and is usually the leader the of the line dances. Nintendo WIIs Just Dance: 1-4 is the dance warm up. Projected on big screen

    (see above picture) students follow along to characters.


    Teaching Gymnastics through centers is Shacketts strategy


  • WARM UPS -Warms up games are a loved part of to Lincoln and Monkton PE. This poster appears on both gymnasium walls. It is a comprehensive list of quick and simple chasing/fleeing (TAG) games that students learn throughout their time in K-6. -Mr. Shackett will either have a game picked or students will vote on one to play for the day. -The game is played for 3-5 minutes. It is imperative to get students moving right away once they get into the gymnasium. -After a warm up game, students are much calmer then when they arrived. -Mr. Shackett then presents and demonstrates the main activity of the class (Ed Games, Dance or Gymnastics)


    -THE PROBLEM SOLVING AREA: A successful behavior management strategy that places the responsibility of problem solving right in the students hands. Most of the inappropriate behavior that typically occurs in class is between two students and typically results in a class disruption and a need for intervention by the teacher. This disruption (tattle tailing), is a frustrating but common problem in elementary PE. -In Hinesburg PE, if one student has a problem with another student (which is not violent or inappropriate language) then that students needs to take the other student to the Problem Solving Area. Once there, the student states the problem: You are kicking the balls, when Mr. Shackett said we are only dribbling today. The other student can agree or disagree, but neither student may leave the area until the problem is SOLVED. FAILURE TO GO TO PROBLEM SOLVING AREA WHEN ASKED IS GROUNDS FOR SITTING OUT ON THE STAGE AT BPMS OR SMILIE GYMNASIUMS.

    -SCHOOL RECORDS: SUPER STARS and RECORD BREAKERS is a program within Hinesburg PE where all students in grades 2-6 compete to see who is the best at a given skill. Examples of school records are: consecutive jump ropes and foul shots, pogo sticking, mat jumps, curl ups, push ups, the elbow penny catch etc Students love that if they set a school record their name goes on the board until someone beats it. (MR. SHACKETT STILL HAS NAMES OF STUDENTS FROM HIS FIRST YEAR OF TEACHING ON THIS BOARD).


    -WORLD WALL: Shackett implements new Physical Education Vocabulary weekly to all students K-8. He believes it will make a significant difference in building students background knowledge and comprehension.

    -ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS: There are many essential questions to each unit that Shackett teaches. There is also one to two different essential questions posted on a weekly basis to allow students quality reflective learning on the given skill themes of the week.

  • Smilie/BPMS Elementary PE Plus Program! -In his first four years of Teaching (2010-2014), Shackett taught in nearby Chittenden East Supervisory Union in Richmond. A big mission of Chris Shacketts was to increase Physical Education and Activity time for all of his students. Another being to purchase quality equipment to better offer the New PE program. -One way of doing this was through creating the PE Plus program. This was an after school program that Shackett runs in collaboration with the Smilie Elementary Partners in Education (PTO). -PE Plus was where Shacketts students become better at the skill themes addressed in his classes so that they would enjoy PE and moving even more and become lifelong movers. -There was a suggested charge for students who attended which all proceeds go to purchasing new PE equipment for PE programs. Scholarships were always available. -Shackett plans on offering this PE Plus program at Hinesburg soon.

  • Chris Shackett: Professional Presentations

    -Shackett applies to speak annually at the Vermont Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dances annual conference.

    -Shacketts most recent speeches have been about Surviving the first year teaching experience and turning pre service teachers onto the New PE that he teaches at his


  • Chris Shackett: Published

    -Shackett likes to make Bulletin Boards outside of his gymnasium to promote even more reflective thinking amongst students but most

    importantly positively advertise His PE Program. -Shackett occasionally sends his Bulletin ideas into, a

    website full of best practice ideas for all levels of PE. Above is one that has been published for PE teachers around the nation to see and take

    ideas f