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Tel: (917) 754-1524Email: [email protected]

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Companies, Investors and Lenders in today’s market face several challenges:

Vanishing Revenue Streams

Expanding Accounts Receivable Cycles

Poor Collections

Decreasing Margins

Inefficiency in Operations

Poor Internal Controls

Lack of Leadership

Liquidity Issues

All of which lead toErosion in

Value of Assets


Page 3: Consulting Presentation

Investment Banking and Hedge Fund Experience

Investor/Lender Concerns

Value Creation in Underperforming


Re-Underwriting of Deals

Smart Alternative to Large

Consulting Firms


“Temporary COO” Approach

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Operating Efficiency


Cash Flows

Business Strategy



Financial Performance

Page 5: Consulting Presentation

Review of:- Internal Controls- Financial Reporting- Receivables & Collections- Cost Structure- Management- Growth Strategy

Financial Analysis

Execution of Changes

Reporting to Investors/Lenders

Possible Working Arrangements-Project Based Fee-Monthly Retainer-Full Time

Other Services *

Warehousing of Licenses or Equity

* Applicable for Media companies only

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FINANCIAL PERFORMANCEREVENUESAnalysis of sales performance and metrics such as revenue/employeeAccurate tracking of billings and receivablesStreamlining of collection procedures to increase collection rates and eliminate fraudEXPENSESEvaluation of vendor payment policies, compensation structures and expense reimbursementsAnalysis of cost structure to identify possible cuts TRACKING AND REPORTINGCreation of financial models to track performanceStreamlining of reporting process to meet the requirements of investors/lenders

COMMUNICATIONSEvaluation of quality of communication between employees and offices/creation of policies to ensure effective flow of informationLiaison with auditors to facilitate data collection process and ensure timely completion of audits

ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTUREReview of existing management and recommendations for performance improvement/personnel changesReview of organizational structure and job descriptions with an eye towards efficiencyIdentification of alternate candidates for management positions

STRATEGYEvaluation of business model and growth strategyCompetitive analysis and comparison of company’s performance to industry benchmarksIdentification of growth opportunities and/or strategic acquisitionsWriting of business planPackaging of assets for sale

Page 7: Consulting Presentation

Swimwear Retailer

• Analysis of cash flows, AP and AR for bankruptcy process

• Review of vendor payment and cash collection procedures

• Financial reporting for courts and lenders

Film Distribution Company• Creation of business plan and financial

model for foreign sales operations• Review of business strategy and potential entry into film production• Analysis of returns for investors

Radio Station Group

• Streamlining of internal controls, cash management, financial reporting and operations

• Review of stations and execution of cost reductions

• “Report cards” for senior management

• Analysis of sell-out-levels and other business metrics

• Execution of growth strategy with focus on advertising mix and performance of sales teams

Wireless Operator• On-site review of push-to-talk business,

including growth areas• Creation of financial model and analysis of capitalization structure• Development of business plan

Page 8: Consulting Presentation

RAMIUS• Evaluated equity and debt investments; $250 mm of deals

• Drafted and negotiated engagement letters and term sheets

• Identified roll-up and merger opportunities for portfolio companies

DRESDNER KLEINWORT WASSERSTEIN Analyzed acquisitions, divestitures, leveraged buyouts,

recapitalizations and other strategic alternatives

Valued companies and projected capital requirements

LAZARD FRERES Evaluated strategic alternatives through discounted cash

flows, comparables, LBO and accretion/dilution analyses

Drafted selling memoranda and managed selling process