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My work as a designer.

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  • Introduction All works residing within this book belong to Sir Luke Brodersen. It is by

    his permission and authority that yonder eyes will gaze upon his works

    and either cry in delight or give many gasps of astonishment. It is thy

    choice as to what to think, so enjoy this little design gem.

  • Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: Dandy Hand {pg. 6-11}

    Chapter 2: Sun Valley Resorts {pg. 12-17}

    Chapter 3: Farm Africa {pg. 18-23}

    Chapter 4: Chapstick {pg. 24-27}

    Chapter 5: NikeID {pg. 28-31}

    Chapter 6: Merrill Lynch {pg. 32-39}

    Chapter 7: Urban Outfitters {pg. 40-47}

    Chapter 8: 2008 AIGA Poster {pg. 48-51}

    Chapter 9: Incase Annual Report {pg. 52-59}

    Chapter 10: Bread Magazine {pg. 60-69}

    Chapter 11: Elmore City Dance Club {pg. 70-73}

  • 6

    Dandy Hand { personal identity } The name Dandy Hand comes from the viewpoint of how my mind and my hand work

    together to bring forth the designs that change the world around me. Designing is full of

    emotion and imagination, and it is an extension of my gnarled hand and my determined

    mind. They shape, create, mold and meld. They are both fresh and bright and hope to

    stay that way. You are a Dandy Hand, and so am I.

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    Sun Valley Resorts { corporate identity } This vibrant re-design breathes life into a fairly out-dated ski resort in Ketchum, Idaho.

    The colors and face update the overall understanding of the community involved with the

    resort and potential customers that enjoy weekends and winters playing in the snow like

    little children, all the while acting like grown-ups.

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  • 18

    Farm Africa { non-profit organization identity } Farm Africa is a non-profit organization that helps Africans cultivate the land more

    skillfully and learn trades in which they can better their lives. The logo is carefully

    handcrafted to represent the relationship between the hope that farming brings, the

    people of Africa, and of course, corn.

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  • 20

    Tanzania Participatory Forest Management Project

    This project will improve participatory forest management systems... (more)

    Proof that Farming Africa Works

    FARM-Africa works with poor African farmers... (more)

    FARM-Africa works with poor African farmers, helping them to produce more food for their families. We want to make sure future genera-tions don't have to depend on handouts of aid.




    You can help to make a difference in the lives of those living in Africa.


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    We have just launched our brand new e-cards site! Click here to take a look.

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  • 24

    Chapstick { ad campaign }

    Chapstick makes peoples lips more lush and kissable, however with the current trend of

    products going organic or environmentally friendly, Chapstick has taken a back seat.

    Well, it is time to change things with The Return of Cool. Chapstick is cool and if you put

    some on your lips, you will be as well.

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  • 28

    NikeID { ad campaign }

    What do your moods say about you? Are you happy a lot? Do you feel like the world owes

    you something? Well, now you dont have to hide your emotions. You can wear them for

    the world to see in your new customized, Nike kicks.

  • 29

    Dreams are such a beautiful thing.They can give way to a new idea or a creative inspiration.

    They can even inspire your mood.Dream big at Nike.com

  • 30

    Feeling weird today?Bright colors and good moods go together

    like marshmallows and maple syrup.Go crazy at Nike.com

  • 31

    Dont be afraid.Be bold and take charge of your mood.

    Whether its dark and dreary or light and fluffy.Create your own monster at Nike.com

  • 32

    Merrill Lynch { ad campaign }

    Abe Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington have joined their

    combined cartoon forces to team up with Merrill Lynch to save the everyday

    American their hard earned money. Working together, the world will finally be rid

    of financial downturns and cherry trees.

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    Urban Outfitters { ad campaign }

    Sometimes we do things that we dont understand. In those moments, we may not realize

    that someone is there, taking pictures, and using those same photos to win Silver Addy

    awards. Maybe we should all be more aware of what we do.

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  • 48

    2008 AIGA Poster { poster }

    Pink monsters do not really exist, but if they did, they would probably be gallivanting

    through large cities, listening to the latest Cher album and singing at the top of their lungs.

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  • 52

    Incase Annual Report { annual report }

    Incase commissioned this annual report (not really) because they wanted something hip

    and modern, while still boring people to tears with typical annual report things.

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    Bread Magazine { magazine }

    Bread is a magazine that is not afraid to ask the big questions and never lets the people

    down. Their humorous and wry take on culture and the arts gives us a perspective seldom

    seen by the outside world. What that world consists of, I do not know.

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    Elmore City Dance Club { interactive }

    Created during a Summer internship for Seattle-based startup , Jackson Fish Market, this

    interactive project allows users to create their own dance steps, using an intuitive flash

    editor and snazzy graphics. The user can then post their creation online for the world to

    see and for their friends to laugh at.

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  • Conclusion Thank-you for taking a look at some of the work that I have taken from other designers and

    passed off as my own. I hope you have enjoyed this experience and in the future, when you

    look at your hand, may you always think of me.