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Slidecast tutorial

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  • 1. Audio Recording
    Slidecasting and Podcasting
    Tech Tools that Make You Look Tech Savvy

2. Making an Audio File
Simple and Free Recorders
Roemer Software
3. Audio Recorder Download
4. Other Options
5. Register with Slideshare
6. Upload Powerpoint
7. Wait while Converting
8. Create Audio File
Options Button
Stop Button
Play Button
Record Button
9. Options Button
Record Volume
Title of File
File Destination
10. Upload Audio File
Create Slidecast Tab
Edit Button
11. Upload Audio File
Search for Recorded mp3 File
12. Sync Audio
Read instructions Move Slider in workspace to match audio and slide
13. Embed into Website
Go to school website
Sign in as Site Manager
Go to your Section/Site
14. Click/Create New Page
15. Vodcasting
(General Tab) Put Title in and Make Active
Click on Created Page
Click on New Posting
16. New Posting
Click on Posting
HTML Editor will appear
Click on View HTML
17. Embedding Presentation
18. Embedding Presentation
19. Paste Code
Paste Code
20. View