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  • 1. Aerospace Cluster Our major focus isGTA MontrealUnited States

2. GTA Toronto is a centre for commercial aircraft manufacturing and systems integration with a proud history of technology leadership. Local innovators developed breakthrough satellite technology that has improved communications globally. 3. Montreal According to Sue Dabrowski, Executive Director, Quebec Aerospace Association, Montral's aerospace technology cluster is one of the most vibrant anywhere in the world .The cluster's business activities account for 95 percent of Quebec's amazing success in the aerospace industry and 55 percent of Canada's total activity in this lucrative sector. The industry comprises roughly 170 private companies and employs more than 35,000 people. 4. UNITED STATESAmerica has played the major role in preceding the American aerospace industry since 1917. In 2007, Virginia's Aerospace Industry employed more than 27,000 Virginians. The top two sectors by employment are Aerospace Technology and Aerospace Equipment . Virginia's Aerospace Industry covers research and development in private, academic, and government as well as the production of aerospace equipment 5. Strengths -MontrealMontreals innovation capabilities have consolidated the regions leadership in the aerospace sector. Montreal is the fourth largest aerospace in the North Amercia.It is also one of the few places in the world where all the components necessary to build an aircraft can be found within a single metropolitan are.Pratt and Whitney has certified 40 new engines over the last years and 20 others are being developed. 6. Strength- UNITED STATESMost aerospace companies in US have diversified revenue streams, as they serve a number of end markets, including automation and control solutions,aerospace,transportation system and specialty materials. 7. Strength -GTAGTA is one of the worlds leading aircraft manufactures and rail transportation equipment provider .Many companies such as Bombardier has successfully established its presence in all global markets including the U.S, U.K ,Germany, and France. The aerospace division supplies a wide range of aircrafts to all major airlines across globe, such as US Air force 8. Rising defense spending in US The US Department of Defense (DoD) spending was about half of worldwide defense spending. The US DoD budget has grown substantially over the past decade, particularly after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Although the growth rate had moderated in recent years, the 2009 submittal equates to a 7.5% increase over 2008. The President's request for financial year 2009 is $515 billion 9. Rising defense spending in US In addition to the financial year 2008 discretionary budget request, the President also submitted supplemental requests totaling $189 billion to cover operations in the GWOT. It is anticipated that additional supplemental requests for 2009 would exceed $100 billion, including the $70 billion initially requested. The increasing defense spending by the US government is likely to have a positive impact on the company's top line growth. 10. Career and Education Plans The current trained labour is considered necessary for development of aerospace. Therefore, the quality and quantity of institutional training must always counter the industry needs. Educational institutions must be aware of training programs that are offered in companies, so they can adapt their programs or teaching methods to industry practices