EmPowerment 21 Welcome back! (laptops, $6M+, CFC, BOD, Café College, handout, )--Why EP21? – 5 min Herding cats – 2 min ……water wet Herding cats Introduce

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EmPowerment 21 Welcome back! (laptops, $6M+, CFC, BOD, Caf College, handout, )--Why EP21? 5 min Herding cats 2 min water wet Herding cats Introduce BOD, EP21 Liaisons needed, Pledge tickets 5 min Picking the right major (make a commitment) - 5 min http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1768676 - 5 min http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1768676 Timeline & 7 th & 8 th grade handout) 15 min Timeline7 th & 8 th grade handout Find your why or just get a jobyou gotta want it (mom & dad reality) 5 minmom & dad reality Reality Check Website Review 8 min Reality Check Website Review www.Fastweb.com: (I Aint Playing!) 8 min www.Fastweb.com Minnie Piper Stevens Compendium ($8) plus others (click here) (green book from workshop) 4 min(click here) Caf College Sessions 5 min EP21 Small Group (Private, Public, Gates, USDA, HBCUs, Govt, Military, etc.) Colleges use perception to charge you more!!! 5 min Review Website (www.EP21.com) 8 minwww.EP21.com SAT Prep www.Number2.com 5 minwww.Number2.com Questions & Answers 5 min EP21 ALL I DO IS WIN Slide 2 Mom & Dads Reality Family Income = $5,000 Family Bills/Taxes = $3,500 Family Miscellaneous = $700 Family Savings = $800 College Cost = $19,000/yr ($76,000 for 4) Cost per month = $19K/12 = $1,583/mo Where does the money come from??? Double income! No such thing as a Parent Retirement Loan (Alpo Diet) Slide 3 Slide 4 EmPowerment 21 Things Ive learned from EP21 teens Early Bird gets the worm...Teens showing up their Senior year are at such a disadvantage FAFSA, FAFSA, FAFSA, FAFSA, FAFSA on Jan 2 of Sr. yr and each yr until graduation!!! C-students & those who sit out: tough getting meaningful 4-yr scholarship $ - sorry.. Count your blessings if you get into a tough school but get no moneyYour teen did good Colleges are in the drivers seat and they know itPerfect Storm: Tuition, Economy, Teens Dont just focus on a couple of schools there are schools looking for some of you, but Most teens just talk the talk, but they dont walk the walk when they are alone (integrity) SAT/ACT scores need to be a priority earlydont wait until your Sr Yr; 1100 or 21 plus! Know the rules of standardized test (ACT vs SAT)Use free tools likeNumber2.com Dont let the word, minority or hispanic stop you from looking at sites! Treat the scholarship search like a job and not church not based on how you feel Apply for more scholarships (40 isnt enough may lose) Ebony Girl (100-200)Ebony Girl (100-200) Send scholarship applications in w/o getting them checked if you dont want the money Dont re-invent the wheeluse the minefield philosophy (website teens, peers, etc.) Learn to divide and conquer when possible Teen one way, parents the otherThen Talk! EP21 Slide 5 EmPowerment 21 Learn to listenwhy sit here and not listen (FASTWEB example) Take advantage of EVERY opportunity when offered ($30K audio, LAFB ofcr wives, MLK) Just showing up is half the battle (not like a car in a garage)/Parent part-time job worth it? Dont procrastinate quality goes down as you get closer to the deadline Learn to love essays start early by beginning with the end in mind or just give up now Most teens can do what it takes; they just wont make the time to do ittreat like a job Learn to master the internet for your scholarship search it will amaze you dont give up! Attend Summer programs at schools you are interested in (teens learn to love them) Schools want to help you, but you got to ask them nicely need-based isnt always NB! Difference between the University and the individual Colleges court both! Sponsors too! Sit up front and DONT BE LATE!!! Excuses are like armpitseverybody has a pair, & Dont belittle Jr Colleges Best place for some of you! Price is right!!! Most parents dont want to put in the work or make their teens do what needs to be done Some of you wont attend or finish college then be the best whatever you can be! $$$ We need Big Mama back when adults ran the house and kids obeyed EP21 BACK Slide 6 Caf College 1st Thursday's from Sep May; 6:00 7:00 pm (orientation) Four Quarterly Subject Matter Topics When: 1st Thursdays from 7:00 - 8:00 pm (note June earlier start) Sep - Scholarship Searches - Reality Check Dec - FAFSA plus Scholarship Searches Mar - 2yr vs Public vs Private College plus Scholarship Searches Jun - Topic TBD w/a special start time of 6pm - 8pm Two EP21 Small Group Meetings When: 1st Thursdays from 7:00 - 8:00 pm in Oct & Jan Two EP21 Internship/Volunteer Meetings When: 1st Thursdays from 7:00 - 8:00pm in Mar & May