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ENCO Electronic Systems began designing and installing integrated systems in the Southeastern United States in 1994. Our mission is simple-deliver quality work, provide solutions, and exceed customer’s expectations. These objectives ensure advanced design and planning, high value, and unsurpassed customer experience. Our award winning staff, consisting of electrical engineers, master programmers, a CEDIA Certified Designer, in-house drafting and lighting design capabilities, and numerous technicians, will work with you to simplify technology, offer convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind. ENCO Electronic Systems...delivering quality, providing solutions, exceeding expectations.

Text of ENCO Electronics Commercial Brochure

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is simple deliver quality work, provide solutions, andexceed customers expectations. These objectives ensure advanced designand planning, high value, and unsurpassed customer experience.

    Our award winning staff comprised of electrical engineers, masterprogrammers, a CEDIA Certified Designer, in-house drafting andlighting design capabilities, and numerous technicians, provides anunequaled combination of skills and experience. Our clientele includesthe most discriminating businesses and facilities, who rely on us todeliver consistent performance, on-time installation and an elite flair fordesign. Our clients expect nothing less than the perfect system toenhance their homes and businesses.

    Our experts work with you, your builder, architect, or interior designer tocreate a plan that will meet your needs, while maintaining your facilitysarchitectural and design integrity. This brochure includes examples of

    our capabilities and expertise. As you review the brochure and begin to understand the endless possibilities that areavailable to enhance your customers and workers experiences in your facility, please bear in mind that our consultative-based, custom approach to installation means that the benefits we feature here are obtainable for almost any commercialor institutional setting. In short, we create distinctive, elegant settings that rank among the elite.

    Todays commercial and industrial facilities have undergone quantum leaps. Advances in audiovisual technology and theway technologies are integrated have transformed the way we work, travel and entertain. The economies of scale aremaking these transformations realistic for an ever widening array of businesses and applications.

    With these advances comes the need for ...

    Quality Design

    ENCO Electronic Systems can show you many options that are availablefor your office or building. We take great pride in the product lines weoffer. In an industry with thousands of products, ENCO ElectronicSystems takes a proactive approach to choosing the right equipment forthe job. The brands and products we use are best-in-class and wescrutinize every component. We look at their features, size, appearance,compatibility with other products and price. We also strive to stay two orthree steps ahead of the industry so you dont wind up with a piece ofequipment or technology that is soon to be obsolete.

    At ENCO Electronic Systems, youll find only the most respected brandsin the industry, including:



    www.encoe lectron ics .com

  • Audio-Video Systems

    ENCO Electronic Systems has the ability to cater your audio/videosetup with best-in-breed technology. We help evaluate your needs and fit the appropriate equipment with the finest performance, tomake your vision a reality.

    Your AV displays will enhance your message not distract from it.Well design your system to optimize the display of your mostimportant content. Whether youre looking to create a state-of-the-artentertainment room in your hotel or club, enable patrons in your bar towatch any sporting event they want or allow members of your healthclub to tune into their favorite show while exercising, we have theexpertise and experience to make it happen.


    ENCO Electronic Systems works with elitecraftsmen to provide your facility with functionalfurniture like entertainment centers, complete wallsystems, luxurious theater seating or customconference table designs. Custom crafted furniturecan compliment any dcor whether you want asparse, minimalist look or an art deco-themedtheater display.

    No matter how discriminating your taste may be,we will work with your craftsmen, or ours, to makeyour vision a reality.

    CourtroomsCouncil ChambersNetwork Operations CentersTraining FacilitiesClassroomsLecture Halls & AuditoriumsObservatoriesEnterprise-wide ControlGuest Rooms

    Meeting Rooms & BoardroomsBallroomsRestaurantsEntertainment VenuesDigital Signage & Retail VenuesCommand CentersConference RoomsLobbiesTheaters

    Science LabsStudent Activity CentersCampus-Wide ControlSports BarsApartment ResidencesLuxury CondominiumsTownhousesHighrisesHotels

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  • Communications

    Todays enterprises run on communication. For many of our clients, lives hang in the balance. Communicationsmust not fail. Transmissions have to be clear, instantaneous and reliable,whether via intercom to the next room or via satellite to the next hemisphere.

    ENCO Electronic Systems technicians can help you design a secure voiceand data communications system specifically tailored to your bandwidthneeds.

    High-Speed Networking

    ENCO Electronic Systems can enhance your productivity by providing high-speed Internet access to everyone in your facility without tying up telephonebandwidth. Streaming video is a snap with modern, high-speed networking.Additionally an intelligent network layout can help save money and allowperipherals such as printers to be shared among many users.

    Outdoor Applications

    Many electronic components may be safely deployed outdoors bringing a world ofpossibilities to landscaping and outdoor entertainment. We can now disguise speakers asrocks, flower pots or even bury them in the ground. Our engineers can help you distributeaudio across the grounds of an entire resort or golf course. We can install an outdoorampitheater with secure all-weather speakers and cabling. We can distribute beautifulmusic throughout any facility without spoiling the beauty of the surroundings.

    Integrated Controls

    Its not just about audio. ENCO Electronic Systems can integrate all the electronic systems inyour place of business to allow you complete control over the environment. Lights, heating,cooling, fans, drapes, shades, sprinklers, pools, spas everything can be controlledelectronically to enhance your customers experience, improve security and comfort andrealize energy savings. Utility bills are a concern for everyone, but incorporating climate,lighting and shade controls will keep those bills to a minimum. No matter your need,well make sure that your corporate technology is reliable and easy-to-operate.

    www.encoe lectron ics .com

  • Lighting Controls

    Lighting is as important as architecture whenmapping out your facility. Any designer will tellyou that lighting is vital to creating atmospherefor any room or occasion.

    Lighting is more than dimmers. Touch panelsand remotes allow for different scenes, each ofwhich can be preprogrammed and set to a timeror to the touch of a button. Tell us what effects youwant to create in rooms or zones, and let ENCOElectronic Systems do the rest.

    Entertaining becomes easy with the touch of a button toturn on pool lights or setting the system timer toautomatically adjust selected lighting with the sunrise orsunset. Enjoy seeing exterior and interior lightinggradually illuminate with the setting of the sun.

    Medical Facilities

    ENCO Electronic Systems can help set up your medical facility with all the equipmentand software necessary to run an organized and efficient business.

    Patient Tracking and StatisticsAccurate documentation of patient visits is key to quality patient charting and deliveringexcellence in patient care. The ability for your staff to efficiently create patient notes andmanage the transcription process is paramount to quality care and proper compliance.

    Video Delivery for Patient Education

    Well set up monitors in your waiting room to help educate your patient-base and provide an added value to yourservices.

    Network Infrastructure Design

    Let ENCO Electronic Systems help you plan and implement a secure and stable network. Developing and maintainingnetwork and system security is a primary consideration in healthcare I.T., due to the extremely sensitive nature of patientdata and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. This act has regulated the security standards towhich healthcare providers must adhere.

    Exam Room Status and Control SystemsKnow whats going on in your office at all times, control your lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning)and other equipment and systems from one central keypad. You can even add keypads in other locations to make lifeeasier.

    Custom Design Services

    No matter what your needs, ENCO Electronic Systems will work with you to design a system that is custom-made to fityour office and your budget.

    www.encoe lectron ics .com

  • Security and Surveillance

    Whether you need a simple, no-frills system designed to deter common thieves, or amore elaborate plan to thwart determined individuals targeting your facility specifically,ENCO Electronic Systems can customize a security system that meets your needs andmaximizes your available manpower.

    Cameras can be hidden or visible, and connected via IP technology to a centralmonitoring station. We can help you detect theft by stealth as with anti-shoplifting androbbery setups, or by sloth we can catch employees cheating on the job as well.

    Let us reinforce your perimeter security measures with redundant and layered systemsand seamlessly integrate active and passive devices designed to match your needs andavailable security personnel.

    When it comes to security, we understand force multiplier effects. Equipment is generally less expensive than manpowerand both are usually less expensive than security breaches. Let ENCO Electronic Systems partner with you to protectyour facility, guests and staff.

    ENCO Electronic Systems has invested in the tools and expertise to provide you with asophisticated and professio