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  • 1. Minor Project Impact of Advertisements on Consumer Buying Behaviour with Special Reference to Soft Drinks.. IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE DEGREE OFMASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINSTRATIONUnder the Supervision Submitted By:Prof.Shivani Bector Nishi NarulaProffesor in Management M.B.A IstMata Gujri College,Fatehgarh SahibRoll no:4902MATA GUJRI COLLEGE,Fatehgarh SahibPUNJABI UNIVERSITY , PATIALA(2011-2013)1

2. DECLARATIONI hereby declare that Project Report entitled Impactof Advertisements on Consumer Buying Behaviour with Special Reference to Soft Drinks.submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration ofis my original work & has not been submitted for the award of any other degree at this university.Submitted by:PLACE:DORAHANishi NarulaDATE: __________ M.B.A Ist Roll no: 49022 3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTBehind the successful undertaking is the blessing and guidance of my faculty members, my project head andmany other persons. This formal piece of acknowledgement may be sufficient to express my feelings ofgratitude and deep respect that have experienced during the completion of this project .This endeavor wouldnot have been successful without the help of encouragement form a lot of people with whom I had goodfortunate of increasing of journey. I am indebted to our Director Dr. R..K.Lekhi , Chief coordinator Mrs.Supreet Kaur , Prof. V. J. Rai , for their guidance and I can easily look it as my most reward in phase thecourse of my study . Without their immaculate and intellectual guidance , sustained efforts and friendlyapproach , it would have been difficult to achieve the result in short span of period. I would also like tothanks the other staff members of management department ,my teacher Mr.Raju Rosha who guides me,my parents and my friends for their time and efforts shared with me. I would also like to thank the almightywho has given me courage and resources to complete my project. Nishi Narula 3 4. PREFACEA professional course like Business Management is to gain theoretical knowledge and practical exposureknowledge to its application. The project work is offer to student a chance to work in the environment of thecorporate world. Therefore, we have an opportunity to gain experience on practical aspects and theoreticalknowledge.Project report is a necessary part of the fulfillment of the BBA degree course. It helps the studentto gain knowledge about various aspects of interpreting practical problem through application of conceptsand techniques of management. While unfolding this project report gradually & logically in simple languageemphasis made by conceptual understanding reasoning. A sincere effort has been made to bring the fact andit is hoped that this report meets the jury expectation and requirements.My project is Impact ofAdvertisements on Consumer BuyingBehaviour with SpecialReference to Soft Drinks.Now I take this opportunity to present my report and sincerelyhope that it would be useful for readers Nishi Narula4 5. CERTIFICATEThis is certify that the Major Project entitledImpactof Advertisements onConsumer Buying Behaviour with Special Reference to Sheenam, Roll No.80106312001, inpartial fulfillment of requriment ofthe degree ofBacholer of Business Administration(B.B.A) Punjab TechnicalUniversity, Jalandhar and no part of this work has been Submitted earlier for theaward of any degree .PLACE :DORAHA Nishi NarulaDATE:_________ROLL NO.:4902SupervisorMr.Raju Rosha DR.R.K. LEKHILecturer in ManagementPh.D. (Economic)DIMT DORAHA D.LITT. (Commerce)(DIRECTOR)For Evaluation5 6. Chapters : ParticularsPage No:1. INTRODUCTION62. Review of Literature213. Research Methodology344. Data analysis & interpretation395. Findings & conclusion 51 Bibliography & references Annexure Questionnaire TABLE OF CONTENTS 6 7. CHAPTER:1INTRODUCTION 7 8. INTRODUCTIONIn the dictionary definitions of advertising it does not tell us too much about the modernuses or functions of this business tool. They tell you that Advertising means to makeknow, to inform, to attempt, to persuade etc. One definition, found in The Reader DigestGreat Encyclopedia Dictionary, says advertising is the act or practice of attracting publicnotice so as to create interest or induce purchase, also any system or method used for suchpurposes. Many people would accept this definition as simple and compact, but it is toobroad. Advertising is a non-personal, multiple presentations to the market of goods,services or commercial ideas by an identified sponsor who pays for the delivery.1In essence, advertising is a substitute for human salesman talking personally to anindividual prospect or customer across a store, counter, or desk or an open door. And as asubstitute for the human salesman, advertising has the same function, abilities andattributes as the human salesman, although usually in less effective form. It is lesseffective than personal selling, principally because it must be designed to appeal to a massaudience, in contrast with the personal salesman ability to tailor his message to eachindividual prospect and because again unlike the personal salesman, it has no opportunityto talk objections. As a substitute and an extension of personal selling, advertising also hasmany of the same characteristics as the personal salesman.It can be hardworking and efficient, or lazy and wasteful. It can be upright and honest orslick and shady. It can tell its story calmly and quietly without hyperbole, or it can shout inyour ear. It can address you as though you were a rational, thoughtful human being. It canbe serious and thoughtful, or flip and humorous, it can reason with you, or entertain you,flatter you. It can be all these things and do all these things, but no more. Because in theend, its success or failure and its value to the advertiser who pays all its costs must rest onits ability to persuade a sufficient number of prospects to do what it says or buys what itsells without the use of any kind of force.The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines advertising as any paid form ofnon-professional presentation and promotion of ideas, goods and service by a identifiedsponsor. Advertising is a powerful means of communication, which not only leads tocorporate, and product visibility but also creates, stimulates and sustains the demand forthe product.The past few decades have led to the emergence of vibrant consumer markets throbbingwith the excitement of consumptions. The corporate organizations of today can hardly 8 9. afford to remain faceless entities and their products merely utilitarian objects. It becomesincreasingly imperative for the business houses to assume humanized character and theproduct to have an emotive association through advertising effort. Advertising does the jobof reaching out to people with a se of associations and appeals.Advertising as such has a vast power in sharing the popular desires, and hence it is one ofthe institutions, which has a formidable influence on our society. It is also defined as apowerful but difficult form of communication, which helps immensely in raisingproduction-sales, bringing more clientele to service sector, and even persuading people tochange their perception on social issues. It stimulates greater consumption and hencecontributes to social progress through industrial growth.Advertising is a component of marketing mix and it is the marketing mix whichdetermines the kind and nature of advertising and its strategy. Advertising is an artbecause it involves process of communication of the message across the audience.Advertising is a science because it involves rules, generalization and principles relating tocollection of useful information and its application in the advertisement copy.The present day Indian Industry is witnessing all the constituents of a market economy.There are business concerns vying for a maximum share out of the crakes not too big toaccommodate all of them. There has been a flood of consumer goods for the buyer tochoose from. There are newer products as well as multiple brands. When it comes toconsumer goods in a market situation, there are wars on price, quality and positioningfronts. In the light of all these things, advertising assumes a great significance. It is a keyweapon in marketing warfare. Building added values, for a brand is the prime role ofadvertising. The success of effective advertising campaigns is twofold: their ability toattract consumer trial with a compelling dramatization of the products story, and, theirability to communicate continuous satisfaction or even cumulative benefit as a means ofreinforcing loyalty. According to Alyque Padamsee (1995), in the emerging high media clutterenvironment, both print and electronic media advertising needs more than just to bepersuasive. It needs to be noticeable. A great advertisement is no longer one that tells youa lot about a product rationally and emotionally. A great advertisement has to first andforemost attract your attention. 9 10. Emergence of Soft DrinksWater is life; one cannot even think of the existence of life without it. Water constituentsare major parts of the earth as well as the human body. In the ancient times, human beingwas not aware of the quality of the water he was consuming. As knowledge grew, hisconcern regarding the quality of water increased. The methods like boiling, filtering &disinfecting with chemicals into existence.But man wasnt satisfied with change in just thequality but wanted a change in the taste to quench thirst. This was when the concept offlavored water came into existence. A modified aspect of this concept led to thedevelopment of the soft drinksThe popularity of the soft drinks is indicated by the very fact that their consumption isvery high in developed countries & the soft drinks culture popularly called cola culture isspreading rapidly in developing na